Marvelous Monday!

Hello everyone on this very beautiful Monday.  A marvelous day really.  Marvelous means, wonderful and extraordinary.  It’s Monday, so why not?  We can choose to make it a day to groan, complain, have long face, be sad or just be ordinary.  Or, we can choose to make it marvelous, make it an extraordinary day!  A day full of wonder, which is what wonderful means.  So how do we choose to have a day full of wonder?  For one thing, we need to stop looking at the negative side of things.  Dwelling on the negative will drain away anything good or positive.  It will take away our happiness.  It will take away our wonderful day.

Maiden pinks, a small delicate and beautiful flower.

We need to stay looking at the positive side of things.  It’s a cloudy, rainy day.  But, guess what?  The sun is still shining.  And those rainy days are important too.  Can’t grow without them.  We also can’t grow without sunshine.  If we look at the positive side of both things, we can be happy in both kinds of weather.  I have to be careful about this one.  Especially in our long cold winters.

A bee covered with pollen taking a break to wash itself a bit.

Choose to look at the positive side.  And happiness will follow.  No matter what the situation might be.  What about fear?  Is there a positive side to fear?  Hmm, I really don’t think so.  Not if it keeps us from doing what we should anyway.  If it does, time to toss that fear away and don’t go looking for it anymore either.  There really isn’t a lot that causes me to be afraid.  There is one thing.  I have to work on that one.  Sigh.

A little butterfly feasting on some nectar from a buttercup.

But today is a wonderful day.  Little things can make a day full of wonder.  So can big things.  But if we are waiting for the big things, well, we might have a long wait.  Look for those little things.  Every day abounds with little things that can make each day a wonderful day.  A tiny flower.  A little chipmunk.  A bird singing from a nearby shrub. I butterfly floating along even in a strong wind.  Doesn’t seem to bother it any.  If a strong wind doesn’t bother a frail little butterfly, how come it bothers us so much?  It can take away our happiness real quick.  And there goes our extraordinary day.

Little ducklings waiting for mom to come back with some food.

The wind rustling the leaves of the trees.  The scent of a beautiful rose.  A cat curled up on your lap purring.  A dog with his head laying on your lap.  A little chickadee sitting on your hand.  A huge spider crawling across the floor, no, wait, lets skip that one.  That goes in the negative category.  Sitting outside in the early morning ( or whatever time of day you prefer) with a cup of coffee ( or hot chocolate if you prefer).  Hmm, things are getting complicated now.

yellow ladyslipper1
Yellow lady slipper after a summer shower.

Little things like this and so many more, can make a wonderful day for sure.  And when we have a wonderful day, then happiness will naturally follow along.  The two go together.  Guess I’m just kind of rambling in my thoughts here today.  But we can choose to have a wonderful day, so why not do it?

I should probably stop for now.  I hope you all have had or are having a great start to your week and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

46 Comments on “Marvelous Monday!

  1. Beautiful and I love your pictures. It is an amazing «trip» to read this post.
    Rest in my mind, thank you Steve, I needed it today.
    Thank you for sharing.
    I hope you are well.
    Take care, you and Muffin.

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  2. Hello again Steve and what a beautiful day indeed 😊 positivity and appreciating little things are major to enjoy life! Sure we can face the day with positive mind and all will be good, no matter what day it is 🙂 Sunshine and rain are both needed to grow 🙂
    these ducklings are amazing! so cute 😊 and the flowers and butterfly, we just need to look and enjoy and all will be great 🙂 Let’s skip please the spider scene 😁 all the rest is cool, having now a hot chamomile so it can do also I guess 🙂
    Hope the rest of your day will be great 🌞😸

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    • I think that’s why so many people don’t enjoy life, they are too busy looking for the big things, but those little things can bring tremendous joy. I like those ducklings, they stay huddled together while mom is underwater and when she comes up they race over to her.😃 Chamomile is good too for sure, unless it’s morning, then it has to be coffee!😂Even though the wind has changed direction, there is still heavy smoke out there, must be other fires around. Enjoy your tomorrow, which it already is for you!!😃🌙

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      • Good morning Steve 🙂 Hope you’ll be having a good day! Well it was almost midnight so Chamomile it is 🙂 Now it’s coffee 😊
        Yes it’s hard when you’re looking to the horizon and missing the beauty right in front of you! This is how most people live actually, they don’t appreciate what they have
        Hope the fires are gone, it’s really bad and hope they will really punish who caused it!
        have a great day 😁

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      • Hello Huguette, coffee for me right now for sure, always for morning. The fire situation is worse now actually, one fire that was only 200 hectares in size a week ago, is now 72,000 hectares. And we had thunderstorms last night, very little rain, but lots of lightning, so hopefully no new fires will be started by that. Hope your day is going great!😃🌞😺

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      • oh this is really bad! Hope things will get better! They need to do something about it, fire is really dangerous
        Hope the rest of day will be sunny and without lightning and fire as well 🌞

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      • More thunderstorms coming in this afternoon and evening, but supposed to get some rain with these, so maybe that will help. However, no rain for the area where the forest fires are.😕🌞

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      • We are now supposed to get a lot of rain starting tonight, hope they are right. A few bumps along the way, but that’s normal for me!😂

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  3. This is a really great post! The pics are really great! And you are right—It’s all in the little things! Choosing to be thankful even when things are not going perfect! And staying strong!

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  4. Great Post Steve!! You are so right… We have the choice every single day to make it what we want! So why not make it Wonderful and exceptional? 😁🕺💃

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