Nice Walking…A Fun Poem.


I’m walking here and walking there,

My legs are saying, Don’t you care?

I’m doing this and doing that,

My legs are saying, Sit, you rat!

I brought my legs with me I know,

They keep saying, Sit, or we go!

It seems that everywhere I walk,

My legs say, Sit Bonehead, and talk!

I walk for fun and walk for food,

My legs just say, Sitting is good!

I walk to parks, I walk to hill,

My legs just say, Why not sit still?

I walk to places like the store,

My legs just say, Please stop, no more!

But now at home, relax, no pain,

My legs say, Let’s do it again!

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

52 Comments on “Nice Walking…A Fun Poem.

  1. hey hey hey lovely Steve, great poem, happy to know, what you are ready for doing it again, nothing can stop you, not even a river or the distance, got my coffee enjoying my day, just noticed, how much reading i got to do💜

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