Thank You Dear Readers! #7.

Hello everyone on this very beautiful and sunny day in July!  Our summer is disappearing so fast!  Time keeps disappearing so fast!  Summer means I am out a lot which means not as much time on my computer.  And of course that means not much time for reading blogs.  I really do apologize for not reading much these days.  I had a new schedule figured out for July, but unfortunately it hasn’t worked out too well as you probably have noticed.  Sigh.

Summer is my only time to really get out and get pictures to use on my blog.  And this year I am trying to get many more than last year.  That way you won’t have to look at pictures of winter and snow for 6 months!  I am trying to plan out my winter posts a bit better this year which means starting now while summer is still here.  But please remember that I do appreciate each and every one of you that take the time to follow and read my posts each day.  That really does mean a lot to me.  Otherwise I would just be writing to myself, and what fun is that?  So thank you all so very much for being such loyal readers, followers and friends.

Today I would like to introduce another of my younger followers, Lydia, over at

Lydia has a wonderful blog and if you have never checked it out, please do and give her a follow, I’m sure she will be very happy with your support.  Lydia had this to say back in June;

YAY! You finally got it right! You mentioned hot chocolate!!!!
Ok, so this post (in my opinion) was the BEST post you ever wrote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally felt at home as I read this and wished I could be at that park! It sounded so peaceful and inviting! Thanks so much!  The post really was awesome!!!  That’s really cool!

Lydia is one of my most enthusiastic readers and friends!  She also lives in a warm place, smart.  Thank you Lydia for all your comments and for being such a faithful reader and supporter of Steve’s Country!  And again, thanks to all of you for your faithful support!  Muffin also meows her appreciation to all of you as well!

All for now folks, I hope you continue to enjoy your day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

32 Comments on “Thank You Dear Readers! #7.

  1. One I love Lydia! her posts are so real and uplifting. I try to keep up with them . Now get outside and enjoy . your followers will still be here . Yes simmer is going by fast but sadly I am okay with this I love Fall I like the cooler weather so much better.

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    • I’m a strange hot weather person living in a cold place!😂😹I hope so, and I do need pictures while I can still get them,😀📷 that way I have some to use all winter, instead of just snow for 6 months like last year.🙄 That was terrible.😕Enjoy your evening/night!🙂

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  2. Ooooh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you soooooooooooo much for embarrassing me in this way!!!!!!!! Just kidding LOL! 😉
    It really meant a lot to me and it made my day!!!!

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  3. Hey Steve, do you have an Instagram account? If you do I will follow you, but I wasn’t able to find you. It’s a good place to share photography. I would recommend FB for photo albums except I don’t use FB anymore 😅 I don’t like the platform at all. IG I seldom use but for photography purposes, I would recommend that at the moment.

    Maybe there is a way to create photo albums on WordPress to display your photos? I know there are widgets out there that allow for easy editing. It might be easier to keep track of all of your photos this way. 😀

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    • I do have an Instagram account but right now it’s on hold, I just wasn’t using it, but I might get it started again at some point. I don’t use FB at all, don’t even want to go there.😬 The only thing I have on WordPress is my photo gallery widget, but that needs an overhaul too, just summer is too busy to work on these extras.😀I have been thinking of a doing a book with just my photos, but that is a winter project. Actually have a couple book ideas for possible winter projects. Ouch, right now I don’t even like to think about winter though!😂😹I could do something better on WordPress but I would have to upgrade to a business account, and that’s a bit expensive, not really something I want to do right now. Too many other things on my mind at the moment!😂😀Thanks for the thoughts!

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      • If you do decide to get IG up and running, please let me know what your handle is so I can follow you. I don’t really use mine either and I haven’t updated anything in ages, but I like the IG stories so I use that feature now. I would have suggested Flickr except they charge people now for storing photos there, so I can’t recommend that anymore! Yes, I agree that it can get pricy to upgrade, hence why I’m still using the free blogging plan. Do what you gotta do. I can tell that photography is your passion! 😊🌺

        IG account: @serene_hilz

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      • Yes, I used to like Flickr when it was free, nice place to find good photos. Then I found out they now charge, so gave up that idea.I will let you know if I get my Instagram going again, I know a few people want me to, but right now it’s just a time thing, have to use my summer first!😃🌞

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      • Flickr blackmailed me for money. I didn’t end up writing a blog post about it but I might. They locked me out of my photo albums until I paid them. I still need to transfer everything so I can shut that account down. At this rate, it looks like they’ll make me pay again for next month! It was smart to leave Flickr when you did.

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      • Get those photos out of there quickly for sure, no point paying them again. It certainly wasn’t right for them to lock you out in the first place, sad.😕

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  4. Lydia does have a great blog and seems like such a lovely person. Hadn’t really appreciated that you have such a short summer – enjoy it while you can.

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  5. Good morning Steve and hope you’re having a good start of the week 😊 another great shoutout for your readers, this is a great appreciation! And life can get busy and hectic sometimes so I guess your readers will understand that 🙂
    Enjoy your day 🌞🌞😸

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    • Good morning from here Huguette! I’m late this morning.😂I was planning to be early today, didn’t work. Oh well, guess I needed the extra sleep.😴 Yes, this summer has sure been busy, more so than last year, which I don’t mind. But the summer is going by so fast! Thanks for reading Huguette, hope you are having a great day!😃🌞😺

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      • It’s okay Steve 😊 sleeping is always great when it’s needed 👍 time is running fast in general year after year like magic!
        So enjoy as much as you can before the winter and snow strikes 😊
        My day was good thank you 🙏🏻 it’s over now hope your day is great so far😸🌞

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      • Yes, I don’t generally sleep too much, but now and then I guess my body needs to catch up a bit, felt good anyway.😃Yes, I need to hurry and get pictures, the leaves can often start changing color by mid August, that’s only a month away!😬📷Hope your week goes great Huguette!😄😸

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  6. Wow Steve!! It is very good that you show your gratitude towards your reader!!
    And yes Lydia is awesome 💕💕

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