Thank You Dear Readers! #8.

Hello on this beautiful sunshiny day everyone!  It is always so pleasant to see the sun shining.  Even though rain is necessary and good, there is just something about the sun shining that makes a person feel great.  That’s the reason for my sub title of my site, “For a smile as wide as a country sunrise”.IMG_4262

And something else that makes me feel great is all of my faithful readers who keep showing up and reading my posts each day even though I am so slow at reading yours. Wow, that is truly amazing and something for which I am so very thankful!!  I do pay attention to your kindness in coming around to Steve’s Country to read and comment and I must say it makes my day when I see all of you here.  Thank you all so very much.

And a special thank you today to Jyoti, one of my teenage followers and friends who always shows up here to read!! You can find her at and she has a great blog for you to check out.  She lives in India, where it seems to be warm all the time.  She loves photography and nature.  She had this to say;

I have nominated for Liebster Award by a very fantastic and optimistic friend – Steve!!

Steve is a wonderful person who loves warm places a lot!! He has a wonderful personality and loves strawberries, french fries and coffee and he is a awesome photographer!! He has a lovely and playful cat named Muffin who loves him very much and he loves her too!! He loves writing and his blog is super amazing.

I know many of my followers already follows him and I won’t be surprised but if you haven’t, then what are you waiting for dude!! Below is the link!

Thank you very much Steve for nominating me and sorry for the late !! Really humbled!!

Thank you once again Jyoti for being part of Steve’s Country and it has been so nice to get to know you.  Muffin also meows her thanks to you and to everyone!😻  Thanks again everyone for being here.  I hope you all have a great week and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

32 Comments on “Thank You Dear Readers! #8.

  1. Thank you so much Steve!! This really made me smile ❣️😊
    It really means a lot!! I am always glad that I got chance to read your amazing posts!! And thank you very much for becoming a part of my journey too!! Grateful to have a friend like you!!😍
    Aww…. I love you Muffin 😻😻😽

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    • Glad you enjoyed it Jyoti! Thank you for such beautiful words, that makes my day too!😃 It is always nice to have such good friends. I will let Muffin know, right now she is hiding under the bed, a big thunderstorm has arrived and she hates those!!🙀Someone is getting hail from this storm, hope it doesn’t come here. Guess I better close my windows. Enjoy your day!!😄🌞⛈


  2. Beautiful words from Jyoti!, she said the truth dear Steve 😊 Jyoti is a kind and respectful blogger despite her young age and great to have you both in my community 😊👍 beautiful pictures as well and hope you have a great day🌞🌞😸

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  3. Steve, you are always so cheerful and I believe this is what draws us to your blog. It’s a breath of fresh country air and I am thankful for it. 😊

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