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Random Acts Of Kindness Award!

Hello to all my friends out there around the world!  Here we are with another award which is my third for this one.  I would like to sincerely thank Keziah for nominating me for this award!!  Keziah is one of my teen readers and…

Thank You Dear Readers! #8.

Hello on this beautiful sunshiny day everyone!  It is always so pleasant to see the sun shining.  Even though rain is necessary and good, there is just something about the sun shining that makes a person feel great.  That’s the reason for my sub…

Random Act Of Kindness Award.

Hello to all of my faithful readers!  Well, it’s award time again and this one is definitely a bit different than others and it’s my first nomination for this award.  I was nominated for this award by MwsR over at https://mwsrwritings.com and she has…

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