A Beautiful Day.

Hello on this another beautiful, sunny day at Steve’s Country!  I hope you are all having a wonderful day, whether your day is just starting, like it is here, or perhaps afternoon or ending the day.  It is a bit cool outside this morning with a temp of only 17C (63F), but with a nice hot cup of coffee it’s not so bad sitting here enjoying all the beauty of summer.  Sir George and Lady Pearl have been here for their breakfast, 3 times actually. Sir George is getting more friendly all the time.  I barely get the food on the feeder and those big wings of his are whacking me on top of my head as he comes in to land.  He is one big bird, bigger than all the rest of the herring gulls around here that’s for sure.

Sitting on a bench at McLeod Park looking across at a small island which sits in front of a bigger island.

The trees are still alive with the singing of little birds each morning.  What a joy to sit and listen to the many different songs.  They are so small and yet they sing so loudly with such beautiful melody.  That’s what I call a real country pleasure.  But this kind of country pleasure can be enjoyed even in large cities.  Birds are everywhere.  Constantly singing.  And I think some of the most beautiful singers are the tiny birds.  Not only beautiful, but sometimes they are also the loudest singers.

A harebell, sometimes called a wild bluebell.

The sun in all it’s brilliance shining on the trees this morning is making the leaves simply glow in all their green finery.  What a beautiful sight it is.  Green is said to be the most relaxing color and I believe it.  That’s why I like blue.  Doesn’t make sense?  Of course it does.  You need blue to make green.  Actually I also like green.  And most other colors.  But blue is my favorite, matches my eyes.  And the brilliant green of the leaves against the softness of the blue sky, equals a beauty without compare.  Almost.

A large white pine along the river walk path.

Sitting outside in that cool morning air starting making me positively chilly.  And the sun doesn’t shine on my deck too early so I needed something to help keep me warm.  Out comes the jacket.  Terrible wearing a jacket in July.  However, no other way to stay warm without going back inside.  Which is not a bad idea anyway.  And people don’t understand why I like warm places.  I understand it.

An unknown flower, likely a garden flower gone wild, along the river walk path.

There are a lot of iridescent colored dragonflies around now.  Amazing colors on some of them.  Blues, greens, golds, white, black, red, yellow, in many and various combinations.  They are quite remarkable acrobats too.  They can fly at full speed and suddenly stop.  The fly backward or at right angles, even upside down.  Very much like our hummingbirds.  I miss having the hummingbirds around this year.  Never even saw one.  That’s amazing in itself.  They are a very common bird around town.  And they are always around the house here.  Well, other years they were anyway.  I guess none nested close by this summer.  Too bad.

A female ruby throated hummingbird last year at my feeder.

Well, I was planning on getting this out nice and early today.  Didn’t work.  One thing after another.  Oh well.  It will be out shortly anyway.  I hope.  Glad you could stop by again, enjoy your day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

42 Comments on “A Beautiful Day.

    • It was nice yesterday, cool today and no more hot weather for the next 10 days anyway. Sigh. It was supposed to be a cooler than normal summer for us and so far that has been true.😕

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  1. The picture of the hummingbird is amazing! I love those little birds. We have some that come around the lilac bush. They are so tiny that at first I thought they were bees! They drive my cat crazy, but I love to sit and watch them.

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    • Hummingbirds are amazing and beautiful little birds! There was 2 pairs around last year, nothing this year. I would love to find a nest some time. Thanks for stopping by Michelle!!😃😺

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  2. Great post Steve! I do like the picture of the Humming Bird! They are a quick little bird to capture with a camera. We have several here and I am just not fast enough to snap a picture. Maybe someday! Thanks!

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  3. Lovely flower pics and that pine!!! 😸 Oh l love dragonflies! Hope you can get some pics of those! You know we do t have but 2 hummingbirds this year…I wonder what happened to them? I sure hope the cold weather didn’t get them this year. 😢 It has been a good day, sorry it’s cold there in summer.

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  4. Always joining your coffee time with chamomile since it’s almost midnight 😁 another beautiful day and glad to know the birds are still visiting your feeder especially Sir Georges and Lady Pearl🌞
    beautiful view from McLeod Park and certainly both green and blue are amazing when we’re looking to the sky through the beautiful trees 😊
    This unknown flower is amazing, especially its color👍 and hummingbird shot is really great!👌 😊
    Hope your day will become warmer and you’ll have more beautiful photos as well 😸🌞🌞


  5. My heart just stop… Steve this was such a beautiful read. I have been traveling and not visit your page for a while, but it was a really relaxing read for now. Thank you Steve. Your pictures are amazing.

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  6. That is chilly for July but I would love it lol! Hummingbirds are so beautiful love watching them . Haven’t seen many our way as well. Happy you had a beautiful day despite the chilly morning. 🙂


  7. Beautiful view Steve ❤️
    Really Green and blue are together looking very scenic 👌😯
    Of course we need blue to make green…Nice sense huh!!
    I really love the picture of Humming bird🐦 It’s really feel very pleasure to hear the sound of birds in morning
    Pine is so beautiful…
    Enjoy your coffee and your day!!


  8. Hey Steve! Another shiny day ✨ oh that’s a bird, you got company too😉 i think Navy of us here having blue as favourite did you notice, you, me, ilona, huguette 🙄 something common 😊 can feel how the Sun shines with your photography. So bright and green. lovely photography by the way. That’s a great Time ✨🤗 Have a good day ✨☺️✍️


  9. Beautiful flower pics and that humming bird and nature is lovely!
    Please check I sent a Link in your site for Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination!👍
    Have a great day! 😊

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