Mice, Mice, Mice…A Poem.

This took place before I had Muffin, and yes, these things did happen.  Amazing really.


Mice are running in the wall,

‘Round the room and down the hall,

Knock things down to make me fall,

I’ll get them once and for all!

They run all over, but how

Do they get in here right now.

I see them look at my toes,

In bed they stare at my nose.

They eat my food as they will,

But rarely do they sit still.

They jump and squeal on my bed,

Then they will sleep near my head.

This thing, ‘Quiet as a mouse’,

Not if they are in the house.

They are noisy, yes it’s true,

And they will sleep in your shoe.

Do not let them in your place,

They will soon fill every space.

Grab a broom and chase them, or

They will kick you out the door!

© Steve McLeod.

25 Comments on “Mice, Mice, Mice…A Poem.

  1. This is so scary actually :/ having mice all over the place is scary! Thanks God for Muffin then
    Good and fun poem despite the scene is not so funny 🙂

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  2. Well, I love mice as I had mice as pets. I brought them in pair but you know today my second mice died…. It was my companion for 1 and half years!! Now I am feeling very sad!! Literally crying😭😭😢😩😞

    Liked by 1 person

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