Just Some Thoughts.

Hello everyone!  It is another beautiful morning here.  The sun is shining bright casting it’s golden glow on my deck.  Like yesterday there is barely a whisper of a breeze at times, the leaves right now are still and quiet.  The trees are also standing tall and quiet these days.  Most of the birds have stopped singing now.  They are busy with their young ones teaching them how to survive on their own.  Most young are out of the nest now, except for a few late nesters or those that will nest more than once in a summer, like our robins that will often have 2 nests and even 3 if it’s an early summer.

IMG_3621 - Copy
Baxter, the blue jay, waiting for a peanut.

I can still hear the robins singing early in the morning.  Plus the white-throated sparrow and some of the warblers such as the yellow warbler, the chestnut-sided warbler and the black-throated blue warbler.  The chickadees have their young out flying around now and were here yesterday looking to see if the feeder was ready.  They were disappointed to see no feeder, therefore they left rather quickly.

There is a lot of bird activity this time of year, but little singing.  Mostly it’s just their call notes that they use now, keeping in touch with each other as they wander around in constant search of food.  A bit of a sad time too since this means that fall, or autumn, is very close.  And our summer birds will soon be leaving us once again.  The first of the birds will be leaving within days.  And little by little others will leave until most have gone by mid September.  Then only a few of the hardier species will be left.

Another look at that pair of mallards.

Speaking of left, I only have one squirrel left now, Choco, and she doesn’t come very often now.  When she does show up it’s in the early morning, she will eat a few peanuts and leave.  Sylvester, one of my 2 main chipmunks was killed the other day, run over by a car while heading across the street to get some peanuts.  Amazing how they find out there is food here when they live so far away.  However, 2 of my other chipmunks from last year have returned, Skamper, my favorite since he was my first chipmunk friend and Checker.  Not sure where they were earlier but maybe someone closer to their home had been feeding them and stopped for some reason.  Nice to have them back anyway.  So I still have 3 chipmunks since Rusty is still around and he is the boss now.

These dark maroon hollyhocks are just amazing.

Since most of you know nothing about chipmunks because they don’t live in your area, I am going to do a post all about chipmunks to give you more information about them. The crows are noisy today, busy teaching their young how to get natural food and how to get the easy stuff at my feeder!  Sir George, my herring gull, is now out there calling for some food as well.  He is fed and happy now.  Rusty is busy hauling peanuts back to his little home.  Actually, considering all the peanuts he hauls away each summer, he must have a rather large home.

Sir George calling for lunch on an earlier day.

It is just so beautiful outside, a perfect day for a walk.  Which is what I plan to do shortly.  The other day when I went for my walk a large log had been torn apart by a bear.  It had been full of ants.  No more.  I certainly hope I never meet that bear back on that path.  It’s likely the same one that was here this spring.  He is not small.  Between 400 and 500 lbs. (180 to 230 kg).  A bear that size can run 30 mph (50 kph).  That’s faster than I can run.  And he can do that uphill.  So I would rather not meet such an animal without a safe place to go.

Looking forward to my walk. No, I’m not getting close to the river.

Well, guess that is all for now.  I hope you are all having a great Friday and that your weekend will be fantastic, God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

7 Comments on “Just Some Thoughts.

  1. Wow! That is really wild nature!
    Your post about chipmunks will be very interesting because I don’t know nothing about chipmunks! We have squirrels, I think, but I’m not so sure now…🙈😂
    Have a good afternoon!

    Liked by 1 person

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