Muffins Meows.

Hi everyone, Muffin here today!  It’s been a long time since my human let me have some time on his blog to share some of my thoughts.  So today is the day!  Mainly I am going to talk about my humans looks.  And he sure gets them.  Like the other day he brought some crackers with margarine on them and set them down by our chair.  Then the phone rang.  When he came back,  he just stared at those crackers.  That ‘look’ on his face!  Amazing.  Then he touched the crackers. Okay, maybe they were a bit soggy after I licked the margarine off, but did he have to put them out for the birds?  I’m sure he could have still eaten them.  But that’s my human.

Mother mallard with her 4 babies.

Then on a different day, my human was sitting on our chair eating his supper. So I decided to go and check if he had anything good to share.  I went over beside the chair so I could jump up on the arm of the chair easily.  My human claims he didn’t see me there.  Right.  I’m small, but I’m still easy to see.  After all, how can he not see a cat as cute as me?  Anyway, I jumped.  Right at that moment he put his plate of food on the arm of the chair.  I landed right on the plate!  And I got food all over my feet!  He jumped.   That made me jump.  Food went everywhere.  But the look on my humans face!  Talk about priceless!  That made the whole thing worthwhile right there.  My human didn’t agree.

Rusty, my favorite chubby chipmunk.

It’s too bad I don’t know how to use his camera.  And for some reason he won’t teach me.  I think he’s afraid that I will take better pictures than him!  My poor human.  He is just so accident prone, especially with food, as my first 2 examples show.  He is always dropping food for some reason or another.  And then he tries to blame me, like it’s all my fault or something that he spills his food.  Ridiculous.  He just doesn’t want to accept the fact that he’s clumsy.

Daylilies by our deck.

Like one day, he is sitting on our chair eating as usual.  So I go over to see if he will share.  He often does.  So I sit patiently on the floor waiting.  Nothing.  So I decide to jump up and see for myself.  This time I go to the other side of the chair.  I know he never puts his food on that side.  Just as I jump, he picks up his glass of water which he keeps on a table on that side of the chair.  Of course I bump into his glass of water, which he dumps on his plate of food for some reason.  Naturally that made a big mess on his lap and on our chair!  Surprisingly only water went on the floor.  Again, that look on his face as he sat there staring.  And he had just started eating too.

I’m told this is down by the river.

I don’t know about my human sometimes.  The things he does can be very embarrassing.  But it is funny too!  But the best thing of all is my humans ‘looks’!  Absolutely priceless!  Well, I hope you have enjoyed my meowing today.  Like my human always says, have a great day and God bless!

Muffin, and translated by Steve. (my human allowed me to use these pictures)

Disclaimer: I, that is Steve, was forced to write this or I would have trouble walking for a few days.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

42 Comments on “Muffins Meows.

    • Actually the disclaimer was for me, she forced me to write it for her or I would have the sore feet!😲😹 Guess I didn’t write that correctly. Thanks so much for reading, nice to have you here! I haven’t forgotten that award, just takes a long time to answer that many questions!🤪 I’m hoping to have it ready for tomorrow, or Monday. Enjoy your weekend!😃😺

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  1. What’s peculiar about this post is that Muffin and Steve have very similar writing styles. They say that pets often look and act just like their owners, so I guess it’s true! 😂😹

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for reading today Hilary!! Yep, she does tend to get her writing style from me!😀😹😂 Or is it the other way around?🤔🙄 Oh well, I hope you have a wonderful weekend, glad to have you around!😃😺🌞🌳

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks Steve! 😊 I always look forward to reading about your daily adventures in the great outdoors. Tbh it was a bit of a rough week for me, but I am finding my ground again. Taking things day by day. Sometimes, that is the best we can do. Have a great weekend as well! I know you will. 😊🌻

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    • Sometimes I think Muffin deliberately does these things just so she can see those ‘looks’!😂😂😹😹Thanks so much Sheree and I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well!😃😺🌞🌳

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  2. Hey Muffin good to see you after a long time 😀😀❤️❤️
    You are the most cheerful and awesome cat I have ever seen and your human is also too awesome 💕
    I hope he has now better feet!!😹😹

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  3. 😹 Lovely post Muffin! You can try to make Steve hold the camera and try to use your claw to press the shutter. I’m sure you’ll be able to take beautiful photos too.
    Don’t lie to us Steve. You weren’t force by Muffin, you’ll gladly do it for her 😹

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