It Is Definitely Here.

Good morning from Steve’s Country!  I know that for most of my readers it is no longer morning, however, here it is still fairly early morning.  It’s kind of a lazy type morning too.  Not sure why.  Just feels that way.  I’m glad that feeling doesn’t come along too often. I like keeping busy.  And I am busy this morning too, I just don’t really feel like doing anything.  Probably due to the weather.  It is a cloudy, dull, cool and rainy morning.  Sunshine always gives me more energy.  Even when it’s cold in winter.  AAAAA!!!!!!  That terrible word again!  I need to be more careful.  I mean, it’s still August.  Which brings me to the title of this post.

The baby mergansers have learned the technique of swimming with their eyes underwater looking for lunch.

Seasons as marked on the calendar don’t affect us here in the far north.  Seasons happen when they happen.  And for us, fall, or autumn if you prefer, often begins the middle of August.  That is what has happened this year.  The leaves on the trees are beginning to change color, the brilliant golds and reds have begun to show.  Most of the low plants and summer flowers are finished and have died (or gone dormant) for another year.  The long grasses have matured and turned a golden brown signaling the end of summer.  And the fall flowers are now in bloom.IMG_6789

Then there is the coolness in the air.  The mornings are very cool now, the time for wearing jackets has arrived.  At least for mornings.  The days still warm up slightly though the temperature stays in the high 60s (20C).  A couple days have been a bit warmer but that is about to change after today.  The nights are very cool now.  Then there are the birds.  I have mentioned already that birds are flocking, getting ready to head south.  Many have already gone south.  Remaining birds are getting their fall and winter colors now.  When I go out in the morning I hear the chickadees calling their name, the nuthatches are beeping, the blue jays are calling loudly, pine siskins have returned.  All of these bird sounds just say plainly, fall has arrived.

Red-breasted nuthatch on my hand.

Now I will say that fall does have it’s beauty.  The brilliantly colored leaves can be awesome to behold.  The bold yellow of the aspens, the gold of the birch.  More yellow for the maples, except the sugar maple (which only exist here because people planted them) and of course the red maple which is native but a small tree.  Then there is the brilliant oranges of so many of the shrubs, dark red in some, mountain ash with it’s bright orange.  Really very beautiful, though the time to enjoy these colors is very short.

Female pileated woodpecker, this is our largest woodpecker and is about the size of a crow.

But I am getting ahead a bit.  Fall is just beginning.  And I am hoping for a very long and mild fall this year.  Hey, I can dream, can’t I?  Muffin doesn’t like the changing seasons either.  She likes having her window open.  Now that it’s cooler that window is only open during the day.  She wants it open at night.  Sometimes we have a discussion about that. But when it comes to having that window open at night now, that’s too much, and I just have to put my foot down.  And she bit it.  The window was open last night.  Sigh.

Okay, I’m just kind of rambling this morning.  So I will stop.  I hope that everyone can enjoy their weekend and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.



41 Comments on “It Is Definitely Here.

  1. You could travel to California or the way south in the USA ,where it is warmer . Describe your journey there or film a video … You could make a living …
    In the winter travel to Dubai or south east Asia ( Thailand , or Equador or Srilanka … You could see warm weather …

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  2. Hey Steve dear, good morning!! Sorry I was not able to read all your posts..
    Well, you are correct, weather affect the mood!! Sometimes it happens, that you feel to do nothing!! That’s bad that it is cold there….well here too it rains in morning, which is desperately needed!! But after sometime, sun came and it is warm as usual. Hey, I am not making you jealous….😂🌞🌞
    Well, today our school has inter house football competition!!

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    • Yep, weather definitely can affect us. Well, my energy is coming back, just needed more coffee!😂☕
      We are not really getting much rain, just enough to make things wet. We really do need rain here too, it’s very dry in the forest again.🌳🌲
      That’s okay, I’ll dream about your warm weather, maybe that will warm me up!😂🌴Hey, do you play football? Or just like to watch it?🤔 I hope you enjoy your weekend anyway!!😃😺🌞


  3. Well, a very happy weekend to you!
    Actually we are having rain since morning, but the rain makes me feel very creative and inspirational… ✨ Do you have any plans for weekend?

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  4. That’s amazing you were able to feed a bird. I love the beauty of nature. I’m resting today and praying.
    But I couldn’t stay resting because I had to do some house chores. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to sit still and not feel like I need to get up and clean something.
    We’re still in summer here, I have a strong feeling it’ll go on until November. Seems like Fall season has been quite short lately. Have a bless day!

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    • Thanks for stopping by to read Tiffany! Always nice seeing you here and having your support! I know what you mean about sitting still, it’s not easy sometimes! This rainy day is helping me get some chores down as well. Having summer that long, something I have never experienced! Thanks Tiffany, enjoy your weekend, God bless!😃😺

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  5. Yes, absolutely, it can be beautiful outside.
    I am agree with you, I hope it will be a slow and good fall….
    Beautiful pictures and it is so nice to read your words, thank you Steve.
    Enjoy your day.

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  6. It’s certainly the season change that affects the mood, so even if we think we’re used, we are certainly affected
    Not easy to say goodbye to sun and summer even if fall has its own beauty 🙂
    I say when we feel so, it’s good to relax and do nothing at all until we become better
    Beautiful pictures as usually and hope your day and mood will become better 🌞🌞😸😸

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    • Yeah, I’m good, even though summer is gone,🤪 I just try not to look at what’s coming until it gets here!😂😹For me I find it better to keep as busy as possible, I’m just not a person that likes to sit much, unless I’m reading and fall is a good reading time for me, usually. This is also a good time for writing!🙂✍ I can already feel a poem on the way!😀 Thank you so much Huguette and I hope you enjoy the remainder of your weekend!😃😺

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      • Yes it’s good to take one day at time 🌞 then you just need to walk as long as you can I guess and when you can’t, then you can read and write and do other things 🌞😸have a great Sunday 😸🌞

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      • 21 is not bad actually so hope it will remain this way for some time 🌞🌞
        Sunday was great thank you, wish you a great day ahead 🌞

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      • It’s still sunny🌞 and 19, won’t get any warmer now, strong wind today so it feels cooler, but the sunshine is so nice anyway!🌞 I hope Monday is a good day for you!😃😺

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      • Hello Steve and hope your Monday is also near 19 then since it can’t get any warmer 🌞 Monday is a bit busy, hope you will be having a great day 😺

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      • It was supposed to be sunny and 25 today, I get up this morning and it’s raining and cold!😂😂 It’s sad when they can’t even get the next day forecast right.😕🌧Oh well, it’s not going to spoil my day anyway!😀🤪🙄

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      • Hello Steve and sorry for the late reply
        well seems your forecast is not a reference as we agreed before so 😀 hopefully your day will be great, yes I’m sure you always have an alternative in the bad weather 😃😺

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      • Yes, our modern technology doesn’t seem to help with forecasting the weather. We were supposed to have a few light showers overnight, we had two big thunderstorms!🙀⛈ The thunder was amazingly loud in the one storm.😬🙀 Sure made things cool too.🥶😀Enjoy your day!😃😺

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  7. I put my foot down—and she bit it! Hahahahaha! Thanks for that chuckle!
    Last night at friends—I told your joke about the wife cleaning the toilet with her husband’s toothbrush..oh the looks and then the giggles! Good one.
    Seasons change…soon spring flowers will bloom again…🌸

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    • Muffin does have her way of winning an argument!😂😹😽I liked that joke too, I classify it as nice simple humor. I have a lot of them scattered about, I need to get them all together in one spot.😀 Oh my, getting to spring is the hard part.😬 I’ll be honest, I don’t know if I could handle another 7 month long winter.🤪😲 Enjoy your day!😁😸


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