Thank You Dear Readers…#10.

Hello once again everyone!  I had actually planned to do this Thank You post back in July, but for some reason it kept getting delayed.  Not good.  Since the time I first thought of this one 2 bloggers have stopped and I wanted both of them to see this Thank You post.  Won’t happen now.  Both of them had problems with what they called ‘haters’.  Those are bullies who harass other bloggers, constantly giving them a hard time, causing a lot of stress.  They were after me as well.  Talking with Ilona when she was still here, we found that both of us had some of the same haters giving us a hard time, not wanting to leave us alone.IMG_7118

I will admit, I nearly stopped blogging myself.  It does cause a lot of stress having to deal with these people.  We need to stand up to these online bullies.  Don’t let them stop you or others.  The thing that kept me going and not stopping is YOU!  My faithful readers and friends.  Your comments encouraged me a lot to keep writing.  And I will.  Thank you all so very much for all your faithful support and wonderful comments!  I am going to share just some of the comments received over the last couple months.  I will begin with the 2 bloggers who are no longer here.

From Sophie;

A very happy friendship day to you! You are really an amazing, caring, supportive and kind person… Just someone whom I would love to have as a friend! Thank you so much Steve! You are really as good as always. Honestly I was speaking all truths about you and I admire you a lot…! I am very grateful to WordPress to make me meet such amazing people like you.  I am so glad to have you as a dear friend too… Warmest regards!

From Ilona:

Good evening Steve, i’m really glad, that you liked you holiday and i’m very thankful for your support on my blog, feels good to know, that you are honestly reading and you always take your time to write a perfect comment, i really appreciating it, huge thank you.  I hope that your return back went well and feels good to be home right?:) Thank you for giving me all the news and all the updates, have a wonderful evening my lovely friend:), it was very good to meet you in the real life, seems you are same kind person as you are on internet, we need more people like you in this world, so it would be much better place to live, hugs:)

From Nina;

Steve, you truly are a dear sweet friend—caring and kind. More precious than any dinosaur egg! 🦖🦕🐣It’s wonderful when friends visit because they want to—even if is been awhile it’s like no time has passed—no hard feelings or pressure. Just kind warm-hearted friendly good nature.  And as always, grateful to come here to your corner of the world for an adventure and a smile! Thanks for the chuckle—it’s good medicine. Ahhhh…such a peaceful way to start the day…even just for a moment before the storms roll in.

From Savvy101 writers;

Thank you very much Steve! You have an awesome blog, sorry.. sometimes I’m just so busy… but when I return to your blog – I always find inspiration I need, there is nothing better

From Huguette;

Beautiful description for all the beauty we have around us and you are sharing a big part of it as well with us through these beautiful lakes and nature and surroundings hope you are good Steve and having a great day.

From Lillian

Because you are YOU Steve❤️ You create this beautiful blog that which makes me want to come back to read more from you and Muffin. Thank you my friend.  It is so lovely to visit you because your image of your posts is lovely. It is like I am there, beside you, and we talk and talk about the nature…My heart just stop… Steve this was such a beautiful read. I have been traveling and not visit your page for a while, but it was a really relaxing read for now. Thank you Steve. Your pictures are amazing.

From Samyak

Really Steve you will hearts everywhere you go..the kindest soul I’ve ever seen.. I will strive to be this kind from now on😅💙💙 It’s soothing and calms up the mind…your words do as well. Such a pleasure to read your nature embodied write ups.. they’re rejuvenating💙💙

From Windsofchange18

Always so relaxing reading your posts. The way you see life is pretty amazing.

From Sheree

I always enjoy your flora and fauna photos Steve.

From Stu

Thanks Steve for understanding. I know you have a lot going on as well. It’s like I have to read yours for my sanity. Your posts always brings a smile to my face.  I hope you have a great day too!

From Simon

Hey Steve! Enjoy the day. Another beautiful short walk. The pictures are a cooler to eyes. So cool to watch green green everywhere.It is indeed a beautiful little park & calm place. Feeling relaxed, Thanks for the ride Steve! Have a great Day !

From Ryan

I like relaxing in Steve’s country! 🙂 God bless you and Muffin too!

From Renee

Wow! Steve, I realized I had missed this post when I was going through and reading my saved posts to try to get some of my awards done. It must have been a busy day when I had saved this one for later. I’m so glad I did!!! This was an amazingly beautiful post! I am totally in awe at how trusting the mother deer was with you and especially to bring her sweet baby dawn to meet you!!! I truly believe you have a God-given talent. To see the beauty in nature and for that nature to see the beauty in you! Thank you for sharing these encounters with us! You have no idea how refreshing, calming and magical this is in an otherwise chaotic world! God Bless friend!

From Jyoti

I follow you because you are my one of the dearest friend in WP, of course Muffin too!! Your blogs are really filled with new positivity and new refreshment!! And yes I really love your photography!!

From Tiffany

Wow this page is awesome. God’s magnificent masterpiece with scripture and fun facts. This is a great way to entice us with nature.

I only picked out a random selection of comments and they are listed in no particular order, except the first 2.  I wanted to show that so many enjoy the way I write, even though others say my writing is no good and that I should change the way I write.  If I changed then it wouldn’t be me writing.  And I wouldn’t enjoy it.  Then I would quit for sure.

So once again, a great big THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL OF YOU!!!  Not only for reading and commenting, but for your wonderful support all the way!!

Muffin getting her afternoon head rub.

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.


82 Comments on “Thank You Dear Readers…#10.

  1. I always enjoy your writing Steve! I have dealt with hateful people on here too. Sometimes you just have to block people. Can’t let haters stop you from doing your thing! Thanks for the mention! God bless you and Muffin!

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    • Thank you very much for your support here Ryan! Yes, I have had to block some people. Unfortunately they just move on to someone else. That’s why I didn’t give any links to blogs this time. God bless!😃😺

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  2. Wonderfully written, Steve. I really do appreciate you and your precious blog. You already know i have a special category -entitled “About You”- dedicated to the young people with the people who i find that they know how to write, and you’ re in.

    Additionally, i believe that your blog’s material is suitable for educational purposes. Take care and enjoy, and keep up doing the wonderful things you do.

    Ps : I wish i knew what kind of bullying this is. Excuse my ignorance. On the other hand there are some wordpress functions which is easy for someone to use in order to block whoever the blogger thinks that he/she is a hater or a provocateur or whatever. I don’t know what else to say. And i didn’t expect Ilona had the same issue. I thought she was on vacation and that she turned her blog to another function for a while. Anyway, Steve, i wish you all the best, great health, happiness and longevity.

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    • Thank you so very much Outosego, I really appreciate your support here!! This bullying is sometimes just outright hate messages, name calling, harassment, with Ilona unwanted attention by men too. Telling us our writing was no good, we were not worth anything, telling us how we should write our blogs, some was pure jealousy because Ilona’s blog was so popular, jealousy toward me because I did a lot of collaboration posts with Ilona. There was other things I won’t mention. Too much stress for Ilona so she decided to stop blogging completely. I am sure that’s why Dragon Warrior stopped as well. Not all came through comments, some through my contact page. But their email never worked or I was blocked from using it. Thanks once again, always nice to have you here!

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  3. I enjoy your writing so much it’s refreshing . This world is sadly just getting ugly … I am sad to hear about the billing on here but this is what we have come to . There still is good people like you . So keep smiling and writing.🙂

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  4. Reblogged this on Outosego and commented:
    Dear friends, Steve is a wonderful blogger, and this is a post to thank his readers. At the same time he mentions a few things you should know, and, please, PAY ATTENTION.

    A few bloggers -wonderful bloggers- gave up. They stopped blogging. They stopped writing their wonderful thoughts, or experiences. The reason behind their decision to stop blogging is the so-called bullying. They were being bullied by -apparently- some other bloggers. What a shame !

    Unfortunately, i have to change the tone of my voice and to say : Do not give a tuck for the so-called bullies. Their intention is to hurt you, psychologically, by writing inappropriate comments or by sending you emails with inappropriate content.

    There are wordpress functions that allow you to unfollow, to block, to report. Take advantage of it.

    On the other hand -and despite the problems we, all, are facing in our lives- it is different to be 40, or 50, or 60 years old and to deal with this kind of bullying, and it is much more different to be 14, 15, 16. It is self explanatory, isn’t it. And most of the bloggers in our present days are young. They know how to use the so-called technology. And they like to express themselves through this kind of medium, which is wonderful. And i have to admit that despite the fact they are young, they write wonderfully. I feel like they are my kids, my children, and i’m so proud when i see their wonderful poetry, their artwork, their inspiration. So proud !

    I was raised a bit differently. The term “bullying” was an unknown term back then. Not that there were no bullies. But we were fighting back. And that was it. Things have changed, of course. The young people are more sensitive. Not that we weren’t sensitive back then, but these days, back then, were different in so many ways.

    Anyway, we have to protect and support the bloggers who are facing these kind of issues. However, and because we are talking about the web and the internet, it is important for the bloggers to know how to protect themselves and to hit a few buttons, dear, in order to send to the wonderful hell the people who they don’t know anything else, and they don’t know another job, they don’t know other than bullying the neighbour in the neighbourhood and the blog-sphere !

    I ‘ll try to write a guide on this, to help as much as i can. Until then, though, i ask from the bloggers who gave up to re-think, and to come back. Why not ? Dear ! You have to come back.

    My apologies, Steve, and dear friends, for writing so many words. I wish you, all, great health, happiness and longevity.

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  5. I’m so glad you didn’t stop blogging, Steve! And I hate that Ilona and Sophie felt they had to stop! It has made me cry! I’m sick of bullies! I think they need to be called out! I’m so sorry I didn’t see that you and Sophie were being bullied. I would have spoken up! I did one time when I saw it happen to Ilona! And I’m just gonna put it out there…this person claimed to be an author of a Christian book. I checked her blog out. I’m not tying to judge here, but it was very obvious she wasn’t…She was evil…She posted hateful stuff. Talking about hating men and even women?? Which didn’t make sense… If my memory serves me, one post was disgustingly sick-minded! She was harassing Ilona one day. I told her there was no place for that here. She told me Ilona was acting just like her Mother. Just ask her about her mother and see how real the * would get…..just crazy talk…..then she tried to engage me. Told me I was the same way…I chose to ignore the comment, which was harassing…I’m saying this because we need to be aware, make others aware of their actions and spread the word… And maybe just maybe this won’t have to happen again to more sweet and talented bloggers on here…I wish I could remember her name, forgive me, but… I would share it in a heartbeat!! 🤷🏼‍♀️ Ok, I’m getting off my soap box now 📦 🎤.. Thanks Steve for sharing your sweet comments about us all! Your friendship means a lot. God Bless! 😸 And tell Muffin to keep writing!


  6. it’s great of you to write this post with all these comments and thank you for including me 🙂
    It’s sad to know that Sophie also left as Ilona did and glad you didn’t leave as well! And certainly you don’t need to change anything and no one is actually forced to read your content or follow but no need for bullying at all! It serves nothing except hurting that’s it
    It’s good to always remember these lovely words you just published each time you think about leaving 🙂 They will be a great reminder!
    Best of luck always and it’s great to have you in this community Steve, as Ilona said we need more people like you so the world can be a better place 😃😺

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    • Thank you so much for reading this Huguette and thanks especially for your encouragement!! I’m certainly not planning to leave now, I have a lot of great readers/friends here now and all these great comments are very encouraging for sure. I could have used even more, but it was getting kind of long anyway.
      Thank you so much for that Huguette, much appreciated, I am glad to have you here!! Enjoy your day, the weekend is here!!😁😸🌞🌳

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  7. It’s so unfortunate we have to put up with online bullies. I’m sorry this happened to you and to others. Thank you for writing this post so we can all be aware of what can happen. I am also glad you didn’t leave!

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    • Thank you so much for reading this Eugenia! We definitely need to stand up to these people and not let them get away with what they are doing to others. Thanks for all your encouragement here Eugenia, have a great day and weekend!!😃😺

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  8. Oh man, who do I need to beat up for harrassing you and Ilona? 😠

    That’s not right. I have a few fellow bloggers you do not the things I write about at times, especially when I write about sex. It’s like because I’m a Christian I should not write about it.

    Crazy. You be you brother and forget about those haters. They are simply jealous and probably taking their lack of readership out on you!

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  9. Hey Steve and Muffin ✨🤗 That is so kind of you and this is why people love you always. And these bullies i dont know why they are bothering you people and what business or what fun they really have. Thanks for the note steve✨🤗 Happy Weekend ✨☺️

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    • Hey Simon! Thank you for reading and such nice words of encouragement!! I know why some of them attacked the way they did and unfortunately they succeeded.😥 It seems some people are only happy if they can make others miserable.😕 Thanks again, enjoy your day!😃😺

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  10. Wow, Steve, thank you. I am so grateful to you. This was a suprise. I deeply appreciate it.
    It is sad, I miss Ilona and now I’m going to miss Huguette too.
    Thank you for being you Steve.
    Take care.

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    • I very much appreciate you and your great support and encouragement Lillian! Yes, sad that Huguette is leaving too, but I think she will be back, she just needs a break and she is not deleting her blog, so that’s a good sign she will be back again.🙂 I am so glad we have met here, it is a real blessing!😀😻💛 Keep up with your wonderful writing and art Lillian!!👍 And I hope you have a wonderful week as well!😃😺🌞


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