Moths…A Fun Poem.

Hello everyone!  Well, having these pantry moths is not exactly fun, it’s actually expensive and a lot of work!  However, it did bring out some comical aspects too, and I often laugh at things even when it’s not really fun.  Okay, I’m odd that way.  But this poem came from this present infestation of these moths.  I hope you enjoy!


They’re on the ceiling, on the wall,

They’re on my chair, and that’s not all.

In the cupboard and on the floor,

And hanging all around the door.

On my pillow and in my bed,

When I sleep they crawl on my head.

They like to hide around the drapes,

And even crawl among the grapes.

In the oatmeal, in the flour,

Finding dozens every hour.

In my pots and in my coffee,

And that does not go well with me!

They’re in my food and in my cup,

But NO, I’m just not giving up!

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

28 Comments on “Moths…A Fun Poem.

  1. Good morning Steve! Great poem. I pray the moths go away. We had little clover mites coming into our house in the Spring and that was not fun. How does Muffin like the moths? God bless you both!

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    • Good morning Ryan and thanks so much! Thanks for your prayers too, much appreciated. At first Muffin liked to chase the moths, but when they really multiplied she gave up. Now she will still chase them if they fly right around her head or land on her. I have definitely never had to deal with anything like this before. But I thought a little humor about it is always a good thing! God bless!😃😺🌞

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  2. Only you bro could find the humor in an infestation of moths. Sounds like they are everywhere! I guess shooing them away does not work. You haven’t hit yourself in the head while sleeping trying to knock one off, have you?

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  3. oh i hate this moths.. omg u must be having a lot around there. how could u write a poem about it, like having a girlfriend around 😃😂✨. Good one Steve ✨🤗

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  4. What a great poem Steve, I admire your positive attitude although you have infestation of moths, they are pests and they are very annoying.
    Poor muffin she must be having a hard time. 😔
    Wishing you the best to you and muffin.
    🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 hopefully the moths go away soon.

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