Swirling River…A Poem.

Hello everyone!  Yesterday while sitting down by the river the water was very calm, no wind.  So I could watch the swirling patterns of the current in the river.  Quite beautiful…also deadly.  Those beautiful swirls can pull a person down very quickly.  Our swirling minds can do the same.  I wrote this poem while watching the swirling current in the river.


Sitting beside the river shore,

Listening to the mighty roar,

Of water flowing through the gate,

With swirling current and it’s fate.

The river swirls so strong and free,

It’s patterns flow so crazily.

Swirling patterns with such beauty,

Will pull you down very quickly.

The current makes the whirlpools form,

Swirling, twirling, just like a storm.

The current changes like our mood,

But seldom is it for our good.

Sometimes it looks like all is rest,

But still it swirls, so do not test.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.


31 Comments on “Swirling River…A Poem.

  1. Love the poem !…you are so right about the the river exhibiting calmness and yet beneath her waters lie the deadly currents…

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