Autumn And Coffee!

Hi everyone on this somewhat rainy fall, or autumn, day.  Hard to believe it’s September already.  Although walking out the door in the morning to feed the birds and chipmunks certainly helps me to believe it very quickly.  It is definitely on the chilly side in the morning now.  Well, okay, it’s chilly all day now. 

Our Dairy Queen.

Autumn is a beautiful time of year with all the magnificent colors.  Those colors started a bit earlier than usual this year.  Usually just the birch start early.  This year so are the maples, ash and aspens.  Most trees are still mainly green, but the colors are starting.  And some trees are quite yellow or orange.IMG_6775

This morning I thought maybe we would go for our weekly coffee chat to a little spot behind our local Dairy Queen.  If you are not familiar with DQ, that is our local ice cream shop.  Probably the only Dairy Queen left where you still have to stand outside to make your order.  But there is a nice spot behind there where there is some picnic tables and on a sunny day it is a very pleasant spot.  We will have to use our imagination a bit today though, since it is not sunny today. IMG_6776

But even with the sun, you will want to dress warmly, so I hope you brought a jacket, since the temp would only be around 10C (50F) on a normal day.  Unfortunately now that September is here it has gotten very quiet.  Most of our smaller birds have already headed south.  Even robins have gone already.   Most of our warblers are gone too, some sparrows, most of our gulls and many other species of birds.  All gone until next spring.

The bright yellow tansy.

Still a lot of flowers blooming though.  As you can see over to the right are the bright yellow tansy.  Many people don’t like them, but they are bright and great for attracting butterflies.  And if it’s good for butterflies then I like them.  And right over there by the trees is the panicled aster.  It’s one of two white asters found in this area and the most common of the two.  It wouldn’t be fall without the goldenrod, there is a lot blooming now, and several different species.

Canada goldenrod.

 Some people don’t like these either due to allergies, but goldenrod is not the problem, it’s ragweed that causes the allergies.  Goldenrod pollen is too heavy to travel in the air and cause problems.  Goldenrod however, is a very beneficial plant used by over 100 species of butterflies and moths here in North America. Plus bees and other insects also feed on this plant.  Like the tansy, it is a great plant to have around.IMG_7454

Look at this one over here.  This one is called Boneset.  They are found all through this area, but are not particularly common.  They are kind of an odd looking flower.  This is the first one I have seen in 4 or 5 years.  Nice.  Oh, look at that.  We were just talking about butterflies and there is a nice one now.  Such a nice bright fritilary.  Come over here and take a look at what I see under the trees here.  A nice little group of mushrooms.  Look how the stem flares up to the top.  Those are a cool variety.  I wish I knew more about mushroom identification.  We have so many different varieties in this area.IMG_7294  Well, not too much for today, but I hope you enjoyed our coffee time anyway.  Next week we will try something a little different.  I hope you all have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

77 Comments on “Autumn And Coffee!

      •  Humbly ,  inspired by God  write,

        We know the  dawn is coming to bring us ,

        Love  from the  morning light ,
        To Enlighten and brighten our sight , …
        After the darkness of the night ,
        The sun would be shining bright and all that is shall be faithfully right ,
        The stars  can guide
        A navigator to what is right …
        In our spirits, rest tonight
        in ecstacy  and blissful delight
        All the storms shall pass and
        With clarity in sight,
        And the world gets  still and   calm , no matter and despite ,
        What life shows us
        Even when  the souls  seem dark ,
        Within us stands a beam of  light 
        That  bring us  insight  …
        ( in-sight or inner vision )
        Never  be so  fixated on a single peak  even  the farthest height ,
        Do not hold on the world so tight ,
        No need to worry and careso much ,
        Allow the wind to fly for you a kite,
        Playfully have fun and merrily recite,
        Kindness and compassion of God ,
        Are everyone’s sacred right ,
        Sleep well and sweet dreams tonight , …

        I imagine living freely  on the mountain tops  

        or really sailing like a ship in the vessels and the oceans with  the heavenly might …


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  1. I love all those flower pics and the butterfly picture is awesome!
    I drank a lot of coffee this morning! 😉
    That’s your Dairy Queen??? We love DQ but it looks totally different down here!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. That’s funny that one of your photos is a lonely picnic table. I took a very similar photo last week in BC of a lonely picnic table. I thought about turning it into a post but didn’t get around to it… Behind the lonely picnic table was a beautiful lake with the view of the mountains. ❤

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  3. God bless you, too! Thanks for the goldenrod identification. We have one in our pollinator garden and it’s fallen over because of how tall and heavy it is. The bees love it! I saw at least five on it at once the other day at once. 🐝🌻

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  4. Beautiful post as always Steve. Here the temperature has dropped too 11c highest 16c (so you have it colder) and it’s pouring every other day! The ground is soft and muddy. I miss sunny days 😭

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    • Thank you so much Jessica!! Yes, the ground is soft and squishy we have had so much rain. Looks like it will be a wet fall. I hope we get some more sunny days before it gets too cool! Have a great day!😃😺🌞🍁🍂

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  5. What a gorgeous walk! Loved the wildflowers and that Dairy Queen is so neat. The closest we have is modernized…Sorry the birds have flown down here! I wish I could get a pic of some of them for you, but I’m apparently not a good bird charmer lol! I have seen lots of beautiful butterflies here, but either can’t get close enough for a good shot or they fly away so quickly! Some are yellow and black, orange, blue and black (Like the one I took on my porch and posted) and yellow and black. They are simply gorgeous. It’s been an enjoyable summer full of nature! Happy Fall!

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  6. Such a lovely walk. Thanks for sharing Steve. I miss those ole style Dairy Queens. To me the atmosphere was better with everyone standing outside and actually talking. Plus the food was better.

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