Sunday’s Pictures #6.

Good morning everyone on this beautiful Sunday!  I hope the weather is extra nice today where you live and that you can get out and enjoy it, even for a little while.  We actually had no rain yesterday, I think that’s only the third time in the last 3 weeks.  But it was cloudy and cool, only made it up to 48F (9C) for a high.  That’s very cool for this time of year, even for us.  It should actually be 66F (19C) this time of year.  Every year is different it seems, but even last year was warmer than this.  Well, this week we are going to continue with birds for our pictures so I hope you will enjoy them.  The first one is a N. American herring gull on a rock by the river.IMG_4884

This next one is a ring-billed gull also down by the river.  This is actually a 2 year old.IMG_8064

Then we have a mother mallard duck with her ducklings which are already quite large at the time I took this photo.IMG_6715

Next we have a male ruby-throated hummingbird.IMG_5214

And here we have a female pileated woodpecker, a very large woodpecker and beautiful to see.  I showed her one other time, but this is a different picture, taken at the same time as the other.  They are such an amazing bird that I just had to show her again.IMG_6743

Well, I hope that you have enjoyed these pictures today.  Have a great Sunday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

43 Comments on “Sunday’s Pictures #6.

  1. I love the gulls. I love those who are here at the lake and those who are at the sea (usually they are bigger). Their song gives me peace. They are beautiful animals.
    Here it has been raining since last Friday. This morning there were 14C, now there are 18C. They are few for us too, but I feel good about it. Looking out the window I see the autumn coming and I really like this. I believe that autumn is the most beautiful season of all.
    Have a good Sunday!

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    • Thanks so much Ross! Not too many people over here like the gulls, but I do. The herring gull is the big one here, you likely have them there too by the sea. The ring billed gull is only half the size but is a lot more plentiful. Most have gone now, only a few of the ring billed gulls left and they will stay until the lake freezes usually. Autumn is beautiful but so short, and some years like this one it is cold and rainy. Have a wonderful day Ross!😁😸🌞

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      • Well, I sure hit it big with different mushrooms on Friday! 🍄One was 8 inches across. But there was so many different new varieties that day. Hope I can get out tomorrow again. From now until spring there won’t be much variety in our bird life though.😁📷🦅


      • Awesome! Mushrooms are so interesting—a different kind of wildflower…
        We are starting to see some of the migrating birds here. Ah the changing of the guards we like to say.😊

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      • Yes, and I have found so many different colors now too.😃🎨🍄 Would sure love to find a blue one like you mentioned.😀 Could you give me that name again?🤔
        Hmm, most of our guards have left us now. Nice that we have the blue jays all winter, that bright blue is always so cheerful! I have to get busy and figure out a new feeder system too so I don’t get fined this winter. Sigh. Hope you are having a wonderful day!😁😸🌞


      • Ha! The blue mushroom—psilocybe cubensis/ azurensis. They don’t look like much—but they will bruise blue—that is how you know you’ve got the right one. They grow all over the world. And now scientists are starting to look at them for treatment for PTSD. Pretty cool!

        I just googled “blue mushrooms” and found Werewere-kokako Entoloma hochstetteri. Wow! Wow wow wow! Found in New Zealand and India. So super cool! Yeah—bright blue is cheerful—birds mushrooms sky….🦋

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      • Cool, so I have to punch one to see if it bruises? I found some nice pink fungus growing on an old stump, never seen anything like that before, very pink, round blob, bunch of them together. I hope my picture turned out good, that was yesterday.
        I should not have gone out walking yesterday, still recovering from my fall, which I made worse working on Sunday. Then walking yesterday, wow, the pain today is almost unbearable,😬 can barely walk. I’m not very smart sometimes.🤔 Well, a lot. Okay, mostly.🙄 Sigh.
        Thanks for giving me the name again, tried to find it in the comments, couldn’t. Sigh. I hope you have a great day Nina,😁🌞🌳 been raining here for 17 hours now.😕🌧 I won’t be walking the rest of the week at this rate.😀🚶‍♂️😥


      • Pink? How cool! I’ve been catching up with your posts here…some good chuckles! Thank you. I needed it. A little low energy—maybe a bug I’m fighting. Lots of vitamin C….
        How is your back today? Pain is no fun—I’m glad to see you are keeping a good attitude—and plenty of laughs! Rest well. See you tomorrow 😊🙈

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      • Hi Nina! Yep, pink and the pics turned out good, odd looking.🤔 Yes, get that vitamin C going quickly.🙂
        Back is still bad although I am walking a little better today but can’t do much.😕 May as well laugh!😂😂🤪🙄Time for me to head to bed, can’t sit any longer anyway. Thanks for stopping by!! Enjoy your evening!😁😸🍁🍂


    • Thanks for taking a look Simon! The ring-billed gull doesn’t get it’s full adult plumage until 3 years old, this one didn’t have that, but he also didn’t have the 1 year plumage. So that makes him 2.😁Hope you have a great Wednesday!😄

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