It’s Those Mice!…A Fun Poem.

Hello everyone on this Wednesday morning!  This is a poem about a time when I was living in a different apartment, just prior to this one.  There was a lot of mice in that place, though not quite so bad as the poem suggests, although at times it seemed like it!  It’s just a comical look at mouse problems.

It’s Those Mice!

Scritching, scratching, chewing and biting,

Racing around, squealing and fighting.

They are on the floor and on my bed,

Making me jump so I hit my head.

It’s those mice!

All through the walls they run around,

There’s not a place they can’t be found.

They’re in the closet and on the chair,

And when I sleep they play with my hair.

It’s those mice!

I chase them around with the broom,

And tossing things across the room.

Muffin tries to help and chases them,

But she can’t catch a hundred of them.

It’s those mice!

I see them sliding across the floor,

And peeking out from the cupboard door,

They’re eating my food from the store,

I just can’t take it any more,

It’s those mice!

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

24 Comments on “It’s Those Mice!…A Fun Poem.

  1. I do not like mice…especially when they fall from the rafters onto one’s head ! Creepy…your poem is so true !


  2. Oh gosh. They are cute but only from distance. Steve, you are brave to share the apartment with your nice. They are also a creature just like us. I just wonder what all the birds and animals thinks about us.


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