Official Autumn Means…

Hello everyone!  It became Autumn this week.  Officially.  But for us in the north it has been autumn for 6 weeks now.  We usually get a big temperature change around mid August and that, for me, signals that we have entered autumn. It really can be a very beautiful time of year.  Here the main color is yellow and gold, mixed with the green of pine and spruce trees.  Plus there is red and orange, mostly in the smaller shrubs, but some trees as well.  We had some nice color here and I was waiting for a nice sunny day to get some good pictures.  But we had rain and wind that knocked all the color to the ground.

Down the forest path.

That happens some years.  This has been a very rainy autumn.  And colder than normal.  So it has been hard to enjoy it much except for a few days last week.  Walking down the forest path yesterday there wasn’t much left for leaves on the shrubs.  Even the trees were dropping leaves steadily yesterday.  What a difference from Monday when I walked through there to the river.  Everything is so wet back there.   Means getting wet feet.  But I’m used to that.

Found these round things growing on an old log, no idea what they are.

When I got close to the river I noticed there were no boats out there.  Usually there is people out fishing.   Once I got closer to the river I saw why no one was fishing.   Because of all the rain our lake level has been rising quickly.  So they opened the dam more.  The water was just roaring through that part of the river.  There is a water level marker that someone put up at the river shore.  It was nearly covered.  So I figured the water level must be about 6 feet higher.  Officially it is 7 feet higher (210cm higher).  That’s a lot of extra water.

Hard to really capture the look on the river.

The current in that river right now is wild.  Areas I used to walk along are now under water.  It’s quite beautiful to sit and watch that wild water roaring past.  Also a bit scary. A person wouldn’t last long out there right now.  And it’s going to get worse tomorrow.  Another 1.5 (45cm) feet higher.  That’s going to bring the water very close to my path in a couple places.

This little mushroom looks more like that orange jelly fungus, but this is yellow and looks more like a mushroom.  Odd thing.

It’s getting a bit empty feeling along the path.  Very little bird activity now, a few chickadees and nuthatches.  A pileated woodpecker shows up now and then, so does a black-backed woodpecker.  But there is juncos starting to move in now, tree sparrows will join them soon.  They are flocking and getting ready for their southward journey.  The last of our summer birds.  I also saw a flock of snow buntings the other day.  That’s early.  They usually don’t show up until mid or late October.

This mushroom is 5 inches (12.5cm) across.

Coming back from my walk yesterday, the sun was shining and I stopped to take a picture of a butterfly.  Then the clouds were there and a few raindrops.  Suddenly it was snowing, quite a lot, but only about 2 or 3 minutes, then it was rain.  Snow.  A gentle reminder that winter is not far away.  By the time I arrived home I was rather wet.  Soaked would be a better word.  Things can change so fast this time of year.  That’s autumn in the north.

The stem is over an inch (3cm) thick. Growing right above the door to a squirrel’s home.

I know, I didn’t say much today.  But more is coming.  Honest.  I hope all of you are able to get out and enjoy at least part of your day!  God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

51 Comments on “Official Autumn Means…

  1. Can be scary but also beautiful at the same time! The forest is preparing for winter already…such a fast transition.
    I love the wonders that you can find in the forest…that yellow mushroom is really beautiful!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you so very much Ribana!! That yellow mushroom is the first I have seen and almost missed it.
      Yes, a fast transition is right, though I’m still hoping for a long fall. Have a great Friday!😀🌞😸🍁🍂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Here , In Lebanon, rain may not start even this year before mid October but now the weather is still sunny and moderate …
        Here , I do not know if it ever snows in October though we have the highest peaks being like 3000 meters high or like 10 thousand feet above sea level which gets pretty cold at such heights …

        Liked by 1 person

      • A lot of snow coming for western Canada this weekend, hopefully it won’t make it this far. But who knows? Last year winter arrived on October 9. Right now we are just getting a lot of rain. Unfortunately that will make things hard for this winter.


    • Thanks Nina for reading this! I have found 2 different varieties of yellow mushrooms now. The other one just has a yellow top and white stem. Still haven’t found a blue one though. Probably won’t be much mushroom action now that it’s getting colder.🤔📷🍄
      The sciatic pain is nearly gone, this is a different pain now, more in my back, part of my ongoing pain. Likely made worse because I haven’t been walking normally due to the sciatic pain, which put extra strain on my back. Last time I had this it took 2 1/2 months to clear up. Sigh.😕😳
      Have a wonderful day!😁🌞🍁🍂


  2. Did you ever found some eatable mushrooms by having your walk? I like pictures what you took, it was with your new phone?:)

    Liked by 1 person

    • A couple pictures were with my phone. Unfortunately I don’t know mushrooms well enough to try eating any. Some of these must be good to eat, would be nice to know which ones, I love mushrooms!😀🤔🍄🍄


  3. Hey Steve! Looks the autumn is so cool with lot of rains. Can be scary when the current in lake is too heavy. Nice mushroom pictures.The varieties we see rare. Enjoy the autumn and careful while walking on waters. Hope your leg is fine now. 🙂✨✍️ Happy Weekend Steve 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey Simon!🙋‍♂️ Yes, this autumn is very cold and wet, not like normal, usually it is warmer and more sun. The current is scary looking right now and it flooded part of my path I used to walk on so I had to switch to a higher path. There are 2 paths in places along there, one low and one high, now I know why!
      Yes, I am going to be very careful out walking now. My leg is getting much better, still some ways to go but I’m walking more normal now.😀🚶‍♂️Thank you so much for reading!😀 Guess your Sunday is nearly over, so enjoy your evening anyway!!😃😺🍁🍂

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