Time Waste. Part 2.

Here we are with part 2!  A collaboration with my good friend Ilona.flower 2

Time, how do we understand time?

Most treat time as a reference, that has the beginning and the end.  It’s like a law that doesn’t require definition.  Well, to me time is a teacher of everything.  It is only as we get older, that you learn to appreciate it and start thinking.

We have no control over time, instead of wasting time, we should appreciate it and to spend it meaningful.Scene 2

Time wasting is mostly when we are spending too much time online, reality matters more.  Time is a gift and we should appreciate it and enjoy it by living here and now.

Don’t get stuck at the virtual illusion!

We hope you enjoyed this look at wasting time, or not.

Ilona and Steve.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

15 Comments on “Time Waste. Part 2.

  1. Thank you …
    I have been listening to the power of now . You are beyond your gender identification beyond form beyond time and space physical reality beyond duality …Your realization that you are whole and complete  beyond your ego is enlightenment . Enlightenment is realizing your beingness and presence in the eternal here now …
    Taking time for self-reflection and self-awareness is key …Sure , using social media in moderation is okay but the time should be limited on social media to do better things …

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