Autumn Adventures With Dad, Part 2.

Hello everyone on this rather cool and wet October morning.  It seems I’m saying that a lot lately.  Now, it’s not like this every year.  This is just one of those odd years.  On the plus side, these cold and rainy autumns usually are long.  That would be okay with me.  Because that would mean a shorter winter.  Hey, I like to dream.  Today I thought we would have another adventure with my dad and I out looking for insulators.  I will add some pictures but they are not from our little adventure.

This picture is very similar to an area we walked past that day.

This happened on a sunny, but cool, autumn day.  Perfect for insulatoring, said dad.  Not sure where he got that word from, but that’s what he called looking for insulators.  Off we went.  We could almost drive right to the spot this time which was nice.  Amazingly we remembered to bring everything with us this time.  Things were going well until we came to a rather large hill.  I suggested taking the easy way down the tracks and through the rock cut.  It’s flat that way, I said.  Better to go up on the hill, said dad.  There will likely be some nice insulators up there.

We saw many sparrows that day, like this little chipping sparrow.

Dad also volunteered me to go up the hill.  Easier to walk down the tracks, I said again.  Where is your sense of adventure, said dad.  It took the easy way down the tracks, I said. This hill is straight up with nothing to hold on to until that ledge up there, said I.  I’ll give you a boost, said dad.  It’s not that high, he added.  Looked high to me, but we gave it a try anyway.  Not even close, I said, maybe if I stand on your shoulders.  But that still wasn’t high enough to reach the ledge, so down I came.  Why not move these 2 flat rocks over here, I suggested.IMG_9468

Dad didn’t really like the idea but he agreed to try it anyway.  Since the rocks were quite flat they fit solidly in their new position.  Dad stood on the rocks.  I stood on dad’s shoulders.  Still couldn’t reach, and dad was wobbling a bit.  Quit moving so much, I said. It’s the rocks that are moving, said dad, so hurry.  Maybe if I stand on your head, I suggested.  NO, dad yelled!  Too late, I stood on his head, good thing he was wearing a hat, and gave myself a little boost.  It was enough to grab the ledge perfectly just as my foot slipped off dad’s head.

The river level has risen quite a bit in this picture, but even higher now.

Dad yelled and fell backward, landing in some wet mud.  But I was safely on the ledge. Dad always seemed to find a way to get wet when we were on one of our adventures. Bonehead, he called out.  Well, at least he’s enjoying this.  Hard to understand how he could sit in wet mud and enjoy himself though.  Anyway, once on top of the hill I did manage to find some nice insulators, 3 in royal purple and one in a beautiful green color. Plus some others too.  When I got to the other side of the hill, it was a nice easy slope down to the tracks.

You can see my path in the middle of the picture, that whole area behind it is now covered with water and the water is very close to the path at that point.

Dad was sitting on a log waiting for me.  Would have been easier…I didn’t get a chance to finish.  I can see that, dad said.  You’re all wet and muddy, I said.  Dad just looked at me.  He did that a lot when we were out together.  There was a marshy area ahead of us, so dad thought we should stop here and have some coffee so he could dry out in the sun, before we continued.

And we will continue.  Next time.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.



27 Comments on “Autumn Adventures With Dad, Part 2.

  1. Hi Steve! The past were so beautiful isnt it. Everytime you talk about dad it was fun and all the happy memories. You choose, to make us happy by sharing happy memories. What else should i say. Its an amazing memory indeed. ✨🤗✍️ Nice post Steve🙂

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