Painted Lady Butterfly…A Poem.

Hi everyone on this cool Wednesday!  A while ago I came across something I had never seen before.  A large flock of butterflies.  Painted Lady butterflies actually.  Flock is not quite correct, swarm, kaleidoscope, rabble, flutter are all used.  It was quite fun to be surrounded by so many brightly colored butterflies.  However, it was a cool day so mostly they were trying to stay warm, mainly lying on the exposed rock, which would still be giving off it’s summer heat.  Now and then the sun would peek out and they would start to fly around.  So began the words to this poem.IMG_9514

Painted Lady Butterfly

Butterflies flying all around,

Some of them sitting on the ground.

Spreading their wings that I may see,

All of their fun and flaming beauty.

Many there are, flying about,

So very bright, their colors shout.

Now sitting still upon the rock,

Warming themselves, this cold does shock.

Soon they’ll be taking to the air,

They’re waiting now for weather fair.

Orange wings, dancing in the sun,

Wondrous beauty, bringing such fun.

Painted Lady, flying so light,

You make cloudy days shine so bright.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

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