Autumn Adventures With Dad. Part 2B.

Hello everyone on another very cool October day.  Well, today I thought it would be good to continue with yesterday’s story about dad and I.  Might even be a third part to this one.  This was quite the trip.  So let’s get going!

Dad was still rubbing his head and blaming me that he decided to sit in some wet mud.  Amazing.  Now, what lay ahead was not such a wonderful sight.  A very deep, steep sided  ravine.  Quite wide too.  Only way across to the other side was walking on the tracks.  A long walk with nowhere to go if a train comes, I said.  We can see a long distance, said dad, so if a train comes we just move to the other track.  What if 2 trains come?, I asked.  Not much chance of that, he said.  I said we should go back to the car, after all, we had found quite a few insulators.

A leafy forest path is so calming and peaceful.

Dad said, where is your sense of adventure?  It went back to the car, I said.  But off we went.  We were not quite half way when we heard a train.  It’s behind us, I said. No, it’s in front of us, said dad.  We were both right.  Two trains.  Only way out was over the edge.  That’s where we went.  It was very steep.  Sliding down this steep slope with those trains going by was a strange feeling.  I grabbed a small bush as I went by but it didn’t hold me, just pulled it out of the ground.

Down by the river today.

I was sliding on my back.  Amazingly dad was still standing, and running down that steep slope.  With a look of terror on his face.  Dad finally tripped and started to roll very fast.  Not good.  Dad used to get dizzy real easy.  But he stopped rolling and just slid like me.  Right through some bushes at the bottom.  I heard a loud yell.  I managed to slow down enough that I didn’t go through the bushes.  Poor dad.  He landed in an old beaver pond.  Dad was completely wet and muddy.

Cloudy and cool day by the river.

That was too much, I started laughing.  Loud and long.  Dad didn’t seem to think it was funny.  Strange.  See, we should have gone bottle digging, I said.  Dad just looked at me.  I should have stayed home, he said.  Odd.  Good thing I’m along though, think what it would be like if I wasn’t here to help you, I said.  Hmm, no headache, I wouldn’t be wet, something to think about for next time, he said.  Not sure what he meant by that.

A great spot to sit and enjoy that fast flowing water.

We did find a lot of nice insulators down there.  However, we still had to climb back up to the tracks.  Dad suggested staying down until we reached the other side.  You go first, said dad.  Naturally.  We each had about 100 lbs of insulators by the time we reached the other side.  That made the climb back to the tracks a bit harder.  But we made it.  Good spot for some coffee, I said.  I’ll get it out while you change into your dry clothes.

But the sun did come out for about 15 minutes.

The weird look on dad’s face at that moment.  I forgot them in the car, he said quietly.  That was too much, I started laughing again.  Loud and long.  At least it’s warm here in the sun, I finally managed to say while still laughing.  Dad just looked at me.

Better stop there and continue next time.  I hope you have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

70 Comments on “Autumn Adventures With Dad. Part 2B.

    • Actually, insulators were once easy to find, not now, they have been removed from most places, even up here in remote areas like this. But it was a fun hobby. Thank you so much for reading! These stories with my dad were from years ago, he passed away a number of years ago, but the memories are still there. Have a great evening!😀😺🍁🍂

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    • Well at least I am not completely in the dark. I do know about insulators but never thought they would just be thrown out along the way. Interesting. . I live in an old house that once had the wires running through ceramic insulators in the wall.We rewired of course.

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      • Yes, originally insulators that were no longer used were just tossed off among the trees or in water, such as a lake or beaver pond, that would be many years ago. When they took down all the telegraph poles they kept the insulators for recycling the glass and also due to environmental concerns.

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  1. The weather sure looks nice where you are. It is miserable and cold in Calgary so I am camping out in campus library. Even in the library I am cold. It sounds like you have a special bond with your father. My parents live in Ontario so I don’t seem them very often these days. I honestly do believe that spending time in nature can cure many of the problems that youth face these days (and adults too). Stay warm. 😊✨

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    • Thanks for reading Hilary! Yes, my dad and I had a special bond for sure, we did a lot together and really only stopped when he got cancer. He has been gone for a number of years now. But still lots of memories remain! Afterwards we would talk about these adventures and both laugh about them. So we enjoyed these adventures more than once!
      I agree. I think people should spend more time in nature and it certainly would help youth and adults.
      A local day care, which is just a couple houses from me, takes the kids down this same path I use to a clearing where the kids play games and just spend time in nature. A great idea!
      It is cold here, only 2 until noon, then the sun came out for a while and the temp hit 6, but it cooled off quickly again.
      More rain coming tonight, mixed with snow, same for tomorrow. But at least the snow won’t stay. I got quite cold walking down to the river today, need to use a warmer jacket from now on I guess.
      Have a great evening Hilary!😁😸🍁🍂

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      • I am really sorry for your loss, Steve. You convinced me that your dad was physically with you in your writings. He’s always with you in spirit and it’s beautiful that you wrote this piece for your dad. I feel like my grandmother is with me too, in spirit. 🙏🏻💕

        I woke up early this morning (8:00 AM is early for me) and I could see the sun radiating from the tree trunks, and casting these beautiful sun beams. Even though I’m not drinking coffee or tea this morning (I really do miss it), I’m drinking water and looking out the window. Most of the snow has melted and there’s a big pile of leaves on the ground. There’s often kids playing in the courtyard here which is my backyard. On days when it’s warm, you can hear them even with the windows closed. Feeling chilled to the bone is never fun. Stay warm, Steve!☀️⛅️

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    • Hey now, Steve was innocent! 😀 Dad kept doing funny things so I just figured he wanted me to laugh!🙄 Oh my, they were fun times and greatly missed. 😄 But the memories remain. Though I am glad I kept notes of these adventures.🤔
      And, we both laughed at these things afterward, so we got to enjoy our adventures more than once!😂😂
      Thanks for reading Jessica, one more part for this one coming up! Have a wonderful evening!😃😺🍁🍂

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    • Third part to this story coming tomorrow! I should sleep good, had a long walk today, fresh air always does it. Hope you have a good night as well!😃😺🍁🍂


  2. Good morning dear Steve, good to remember fun what you had with your dad, you seems collected a lot of great and funny memories, i’m very happy for you💚

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    • Yes indeed, we had a lot of great times together, many fun adventures! And so many great memories. There is a lot more to share yet. Have a wonderful afternoon Ilona!😁😸🌞🍁🍂

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    • My dad used to say that all the time! We did have some crazy, but fun, times.😂 And we used to laugh about them a lot later.😂😄 Things happened to me too sometimes, and that will be coming up. But mostly things happened to my dad!🤕 Thanks so much for reading Ross. The last part of that story coming up today. Have a wonderful day!😃😺🍁🍂🌧

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  3. Hi Steve! That was too much indeed. Poor Dad how did you laugh at that moment 😉. where is your adventure? it went back to the car😂😂😂😂 enjoyed it .. But you both are crazy about insulators and bottles isnt it 😄. Finally he forgot the coffee back in car..😂😂 Thats was a lot of fun Steve🤗☺️ Happy to read it..😄😄

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    • Thank you so much Simon for reading this little adventure!😀 I just couldn’t help myself, I had to laugh or I would have burst!🤯 Insulators, bottles, fishing and mineral collecting, adventures in all of these! Glad you are enjoying this little series, still one to go!😀😺🍁🍂

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