Wednesday’s Picks Of Pics.

Hello once again on this first Wednesday of October.  I know for many of you Wednesday is already finished and you are now into Thursday.  However, you get to enjoy them the same day but a day late.  I think.  Not much to say, but I hope you will enjoy!IMG_8580

A fairly recent picture of the moon framed between the trees.  I thought it looked kinda nice.IMG_8398

These mushrooms above had the exact feel of peaches.  The larger one is 5 inches (12.5cm) across.IMG_9352

Here are some tiny but bright mushrooms, hundreds on and around a log, the largest are less than an inch (about 2cm) across.


I know I have been showing a lot of birds lately, but I just had to show another one, this white-throated sparrow.

All for now, I hope you have enjoyed your Wednesday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.


49 Comments on “Wednesday’s Picks Of Pics.

  1. That picture of the moon is simply gorgeous 🌝
    And the little birds are very cute 😉 So many kinds of mushrooms 🍄 the fairytale’s woods 😉 🧚🏻‍♀️
    Have a great Thursday Steve!

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  2. Hello Steve, these are really some good pictures, my favourite is with the moon, glad you had time to take them, waiting for more:), always positive and peaceful, good to stop by dear Steve, have a wonderful day:)

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    Inspired by the blog of Steve with the help of God ,

    Enjoy with sunshine all the way ,
    The sun light with each and every ray ,
    It Is a treasure of life , the least to say ,
    For livelihood to remain  okay ,
    Sun has the power to grow the trees ,
    Reminding you to thank and say ,
    Praise God each and  every day, 
    You feed your  body and make a hay ,
    And harvest the crops without delay ,
    For you , the sun  could  warmly pray  ,
    ,plant the seeds in April  and May ,
    You lend your work to nature ,
    And  nature  always  you would repay ,
    Blessing your labour and by  you stand and stay .
    The sun may seem to set and go away  ,
    To come  back and freely give in  every way ,
    Every day  every ray ,
    And stars with us would stay ,
    To lighten up the night  and they shall God obey , …

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  4. Wednesday was awesome 😄 How did i missed your post 🤔 Oh i was time travelling 😂 I was living on Thursday.🤔… Probably Friday now.. Oh it is Friday Now😉 loved the pics and the white throated sparrow✨👌 Hope you are also travelling to the future. Waiting for you on Friday✨😉

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