Thursday…A Poem.

Hello everyone!  I’m planning to write a poem for each day of the week. I have one for Monday already, so here is Thursday to add to it.IMG_3682


Thursday is a thrilling day,

We can all have it that way.

It’s a day I always see

To enjoy, that’s good for me.

Some just sit and they grumble,

Hang their heads and they stumble.

Better though to look and see,

Beauty all around that’s free.

This day for me is a thrill,

Not some hard and bitter pill.

Look around and give a smile,

Wide, just like a country mile.

Use your time on this Thursday,

To walk smiling, all the way.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

22 Comments on “Thursday…A Poem.

    • Enjoy with sunshine all the way ,
      The sun light with each and every ray ,
      It Is a treasure of life , the least to say ,
      For livelihood to remain okay ,
      Sun has the power to grow the trees ,
      Reminding you to thank and say ,
      Praise God for all that comes every day,
      You feed your body and make a hay ,
      And harvest the crops without delay ,
      For you , the sun could warmly pray ,
      ,plant the seeds in April month and May ,
      You lend your work to nature ,
      And shall always you repay ,
      Blessing your labour and by stand and stay , …
      The sun may seem to set and go away ,
      To come back and freely give in every way ,
      Every day every ray ,
      And stars with us would stay ,
      To lighten up the night and they God obey ,

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  1. Lovely Steve, i’m sure most of saudi people love it. Friday is their usual week off or should i say week end Friday and saturday, Their king likes that way✨😉. Nicely written Steve!!

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