Autumn Adventures With Dad, Part 2C.

Hello everyone on another cool, wet autumn day in October.  Even had some snow flurries this morning, not much and it melted once it hit the ground, or anything else.  Just a reminder before continuing with my story today.  I have mentioned this before but some of my newer readers likely missed that post.  My dad passed away a number of years ago, these stories are mostly from when I was a teen.  We had a lot of adventures together and things always happened, these are all true events, and things did happen to me as well.  Just not very often.  Dad was the one who was accident prone.  I am now though.  Odd.  But let’s continue!

A 3 way corner with my forest path.

Poor dad, he had to sit there in wet clothes.  But at least it was warm in the sun.  He sat on a rock far from me.  Hard to talk when you’re so far away, I said.  It’s just fine, he replied.  Strange.  Do you think you could bring me my thermos of coffee without hitting me with it?, he asked.  Sure, I said, no problem at all.  That’s what you said last time, dad said.  I gave it to him along with his sandwiches.  Amazing, he said.  Not sure what he meant by that.  Dad yelled, almost choking on his coffee.  Don’t do that, I said, I almost spilled my coffee.  What a look on dad’s face.  Priceless.  You didn’t put any milk and sugar in my coffee, he finally managed to say.

Cloudy day at the river.

Naturally, I said, you told me not to because I didn’t do it right last time.  Dad just looked. He used to do that a lot.  Then dad said quietly, oh, right, I forgot.  I can’t drink this coffee, he said, it’s absolutely terrible.  Why not fill your cup half full and I will top it off with some of mine, I said, at least it will have some milk and sugar.  Dad thought for a moment then agreed to try it.  Ugh, this is still terrible, he said, not sweet enough.  I didn’t use as much sugar as dad.

But at least he had no problems with his sandwiches.  And he did drink some of the coffee.  I offered to give him a full cup.  He accepted.  So I went over and filled his cup, which he held out quite far.  Don’t trust me, do you, I said.  Not a bit, he replied.  Thanks. Here, you can have the rest of my coffee, he offered.  Sure, I said.  He bent over to pick it up.  I bent down to get it too.  I got it first and lifted it up.  Unfortunately because dad was bent over I hit him on the forehead with the thermos.  Oddly, that knocked his hat off and his glasses and caused him to spill his cup of coffee on himself.  I looked and said, did you think you were getting too dry?  That did it.  I started to laugh again.  Just couldn’t help myself.

The forest path in autumn.

Dad just looked.  Then he came over and said he wanted his thermos of coffee back.  Okay, I said, and handed it to him.  Now, I just could not believe what followed.  He opened the thermos and poured it on my head!!  Most of it went down my back because I was wearing a hat.  AAAAAAAA!, I said, what was that for?  I thought you were looking too dry he said.  Then he broke out with this kind of hysterical laughter.

Probably one of the most hated flowers, but dandelions are nice and bright, and this one is certainly late.

That was just so hard to believe that he would do such a thing.  I thought I could get this finished today, guess not.  There will have to be one more part tomorrow.  I hope you are enjoying this little adventure, one of our more “exciting” trips looking for insulators.  Well, a lot happened anyway.  The pictures are not from that trip however.  I hope you all enjoy your day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

72 Comments on “Autumn Adventures With Dad, Part 2C.

  1. Hi Steve! It was always fun reading your adventures with Dad. You have a lot of memories with your dad. Ha ha ha, now you are wet too😂😂 How is the coffee anyway✨😉 Awesome fun filled post again Steve,✨🤗

    Liked by 2 people

    • Such a waste of good coffee!😲😂😂☕Thanks so much for reading today Simon! Yes indeed, there are a lot of memories of times with my dad! So good! Have a great weekend!😀🌞😺🍂

      Liked by 1 person

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