Tag: Beauty

Forest Fires.

Greetings everyone all around this world of ours.  It has turned out to be a beautiful day again.  The temp actually made it to 26 or 79F and with the humidity if felt like 30 or 86F. So not a bad day, and the…

Summer…A Poem.

SUMMER Summer is here with all its green, Making such a relaxing scene. Mixed with the calming sky so blue, Makes a wonderful day ’tis true. Summer is what I really like, Great to walk or taking a hike. All of summer with its…

Not As Much As You…A Poem.

NOT AS MUCH AS YOU Listening to the birds awhile, Looking at a baby’s smile, They have much beauty, this I know, But not as much as you show. The blossoms of a cherry tree, And mighty waves of the sea, Sunsets with beauty…

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