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Daily Pics 2020…#44.

Good morning on this very cold Thursday!  It was certainly cold yesterday, I was outside for a while and that wind just blasted against my face so that I thought for sure I would get frostbite.  That was just way too cold.  But it’s…

Daily Pics 2020…#43.

Good morning everyone on this chilly Wednesday!  Oh my, what a big difference from yesterday when it was so mild with melting snow.  And today with the north wind blowing it pushes that temp down to -33F (-37C).  But that’s winter around here.  Chills…

Daily Pics #38.

Hello everyone!  Well, it’s not so cold this morning, a welcome change for sure.  Okay, it’s not exactly warm out there, but at least I don’t freeze solid as soon as I step outside the door.  So that is a definite plus.  And even…

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