Technical Difficulties.

Hi everyone on this Wednesday evening!  We just finished 2 very delightful days here in the north.  Warm (for us anyway), sunny, beautiful autumn days.  Perfect days to get out and get some great pictures along my forest path to the river.  I have been waiting for some sunny weather to get those pictures, since cloudy days just don’t produce the right effect on all those beautiful colors out there.  And, there is nothing but a lot of rain in the forecast for the next few days, plus some possible snow, which will finish those colors for this year.20191002_120037

The days came and…no walk down to the river.  Way too much pain for that.  Finally, this morning I just had to make a trip to our ER and get checked out.  On the plus side, I didn’t have to wait, or do the standard paperwork to sign in, they rushed me in ahead of others and I got to see the doctor right away.  Amazing.  But apparently this problem I have could have been extremely serious.  It wasn’t, and I am thankful for that.  But, it’s serious enough that I won’t be back to normal for about 2 months.  No more walking that forest path to the river before winter arrives.

Female rose breasted grosbeak.

But, these things do happen sometimes.  I call them technical difficulties. 😀🙄 No use to grumble or complain.  Just read Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s poems for that!  What’s the problem?🤔  A badly torn muscle in the groin area.  A fairly common problem for hockey players apparently.  And I don’t even like hockey!😂😹  I’m having trouble just walking around my little apartment.😂🙄  Oh well.  Why grumble?

Water rising on the river a while back.

Hey, I was still able to get out and get some great autumn pictures anyway.  So I am very happy about that!  You have seen some already and there is more to come.  My little birds will have to wait a little longer to get their new bird feeder though.  I had started making a new one for them, but that is put on hold now.  The raccoons broke the last 2 I had.  One I was able to kind of fix and I bring it in at night so it will stay safe.  But one is not enough for all those little birds.

Muffin’s boyfriend, Scrappy.

This turned out longer than I had planned, sorry about that.  Anyway, enjoy the rest of your day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin (patiently waiting for her human to get better to play skiffleball😹).

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

47 Comments on “Technical Difficulties.

  1. So sorry to hear of your technical difficulties today Steve! Will keep you in my prayers! I had a few myself today…. 🤦‍♀️ We will make it through though. Lovely pics! And tell Muffin that she ABSOLUTELY cannot date! Tell her Renee said she can’t date till she gets married! 🤣😁

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    • I used to do a lot of snowshoeing at one time, haven’t for a long time now, but that’s an idea. I don’t worry about it, things happen, so I just change course for a bit. Thanks for reading!

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  2. Sorry to hear about the problems over there but as always the photos are lovely.
    Muffin’s boyfriend is way too handsome and… cuddly! 😍 I want to cuddle him and Muffin ❤

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  3. Steve!!! My god… Sorry to hear that, our prayers are with you for a quick recovery. You take things lightly, tats a good thing. But on the other side its bad when you take things too lightly. For 2 months, take care of your health and your leg. Poor muffin,had to wait for 2 months for you. It’s good to have long breaks. Good rest is always good..✨🙂 Take care Steve! We wish the technical difficulties disappear asap…

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    • Thank you so much Simon! I agree, sometimes I do take things too lightly for sure, and get myself in trouble. Sigh. One of these days I might learn.🤔 Maybe.🙄 On the plus side, I can use the time to get some other things done.😀 I hope you have a great day Simon!😃😺🍁🍂

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  4. Good afternoon Steve, sunny and beautiful sounds good, i like warm autumn, cold one makes me sleepy😁👽💚
    River seems calling me for a swim, it’s again hot here today😁😉☀️
    I wish we could get some rain here, pictures looks good, but i have noticed, that on sunny days they turns out better, at least when i’m taking them😁☀️💜🌈, as i dont like to add special effects, could days requires some light add on🌈😎💜
    I’m so sorry for your pain, i hope, that you will feel better soon, i hate to stay home to rest and watch tv or do to nothing, so i know, is not easy to go thru the healing process, but sometimes the best we can do is nothing🌈☀️💙, i remember when i my foot was hurt, i felt so bad, i just could except the fact, that can move much☀️😂, so i was doing abs on the floor, as i couldnt go for a walk i find out other solution for movement😂☀️🌈
    You can read some books, paint, watch a movie, sing😁, take time to cook some amazing food, or just chat with me😁💚
    The name of the cat is Snowwhite?😁

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    • Hi Ilona! So nice of you to stop by and leave such a great comment! Yes, pictures are much better when it is sunny. On cloudy days the color is just not very good, that’s when filters of different kinds are used to give it a different look. But it still isn’t as good as sunshine.🌞📷
      Thanks for your kind wishes for me. Yes, this healing process is going to be hard, I have to be extra careful when I start to feel better that I don’t overdo things and hurt myself all over again. That’s usually what happens to me! At least it happened now and not during the summer, that would be harder. The weather isn’t nice now anyway, so I will take advantage of the time to do other things for awhile.🤔😀🤸‍♂️🤣
      Me sing!!!????😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😹😹😹😹Got a good laugh from that one! Me cook!!!????😂😂😹😹Oh my. Good time to try painting though, I have been wanting to do that anyway. I like the chatting idea too. I can do that one.
      His name was Snowball at first, but every time my landlord tried picking him up he would fight and bite. So she changed his name to Scrappy.😹😹Sounds just like Muffin.
      Hope you have had a good day!😁🌞🍁🍂💛


  5. The female grosbeak’s feathers look like a muted pink shade…so pretty !…is it Scrapper or Scrappy the name of Muffin’s friend ? Anyways, he seems like he could take down any intruder ! No wonder Muffin likes him !

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    • Scrappy is his name and he is certainly big enough, but not a fighter anymore, he backed down from a smaller cat. That’s when Muffin almost went through the screen to go help him!


    • I think stupidity covers it rather well.🙄 Amazing how much this can slow a person down. I can barely walk, and the pain with each step!😲 Something I have never had happen before and I hope never again!😀😺🙄


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