Adventures With Dad…Fishing #2.

Hello everyone on this slightly snowy Saturday.  Yep, that’s right, but more on that later.  So, back to fishing.  There was another lake close by we decided to try since fishing wasn’t too good at this lake today.  But we had to carry the boat down a path to the other lake.  There was mosquitoes that morning.  A lot of mosquitoes.  They could have carried the boat by themselves, but they were too busy trying to carry us.  As we neared the lake dad said to jump in the boat as soon as it was in the water and push away from shore, while he put the motor on the boat.

Calm water like the day dad and I were fishing.

Okay, said I.  Please notice what dad said.  So that’s what I did.  Dad was not quite as quick as me, he had the motor.  I pushed the boat out.  Dad stepped into the boat.  Except the boat was not there.  So he actually stepped into the water.  Then sat down.  Odd place to sit, I said.  Bonehead!  Was all that dad said.  Good thing the water isn’t deep there, I added.  So he did not get totally wet, only up to his chest.

Beautiful day on the lake.

Dad was holding the motor out of the water so the mosquitoes were having a feast on his arms and hands.  Would you like some help?, I asked.  No, he said, I’m enjoying this.  Strange.  I certainly wouldn’t enjoy something like that.  I pushed the boat over closer to dad.  He stood up just then and the boat hit him.  He made a weird groan and sat down again.  Why did you sit down again?, I asked.  Dad just looked.  I took the motor from him and thunk!  Dad hit his head on the motor.  You should be more careful, I said.  I should have stayed home, he said.  This was your idea, I reminded him.  Momentary insanity, he replied.  Not sure what he meant by that.

Autumn on the lake.

Off we went.  The water in this lake was crystal clear, could see down 12 feet easily (3 and a half meters).  I can even see the fish swimming down there, said dad as he looked over the side of the boat.  I decided to look also.  That made the boat lean a lot to that side.  Dad yelled, which startled me so I sat up again.  That made the boat splash back the other way.  I should mention dad was standing up at this point, something he enjoyed doing in the boat for some reason.  Poor dad.  He lost his balance and over he went.  What a huge splash!  Dad came up and grabbed the boat.  He couldn’t swim.

Calm day on the river.

I keep telling you it’s dangerous to stand in the boat, I said.  Only with you around, he replied.  Odd thing to say.  He’s the one that is accident prone, not me.  Dad held on while I moved the boat to shallower water.  There was a fallen tree under the water which we couldn’t see.  Dad got his pants caught on a branch.  AAAAAAAAAA!!!!!  Ripped my pants, he yelled.  Today isn’t your day, I said.  What do you mean today?, he replied.  True, he was usually doing something like that most days.  He always tried to convince me these things only happened when I was around.  Right.

Guess we will need one more part to finish this.  I hope you all enjoy your weekend and God bless!

Steve and Muffin. (pictures used were not from our fishing trip, none were available)

© 2019 Steve McLeod.


13 Comments on “Adventures With Dad…Fishing #2.

  1. Hi Steve! Another exciting post 😄😄 Enjoyed from the start 😂😂 U could start a comic series. Honestly, that will make more people laugh. You knew u got a very good skill of showing things in a funny way via words✨😉 Just suggesting steve.🤗 Hope u didnt mind

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