Friends And Business. Part 1.

Hi everyone!  Here we are with another collaboration with my friend Ilona.

Friends and Business
Many people like the idea of being self employed, that is having their own business. There are many pros and cons to this idea. It takes the right person with the right idea to really make it succeed. There is a lot involved in starting up your own business. It needs to be properly researched, studied and planned to make sure there is a need for this particular business in a given area. A business which might be successful in one location could easily fail in another. pic1
And finances are a big consideration, whether you can finance it yourself or will you need to borrow. And where do you want to borrow the money you will need, a financial institution, such as a bank, or perhaps a relative or friend. Sometimes 2 friends might want to get a business started together. They might be 2 people that have been friends for a long time. They could be the best of friends so they are sure they could easily work together and make this business venture succeed. They might enjoy all the same things, in hobbies, sports or whatever and never really have any serious arguments. So they just know this idea will work out great.pic3 

We will be back with more!

Ilona and Steve.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

29 Comments on “Friends And Business. Part 1.

  1. Be careful. Friendship and Business aren’t the same. It would certainly build character. But its not always good to mix friendship with business. Unless you can draw the boundaries in the beginning. In any relationship, when money is involved it can lead to a mess, which can destroy a friendship. But again, in some rare cases it can work.

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    • Thanks for reading Tiffany. Yes, definitely a situation where it’s necessary to be careful. It would be important to make sure everything is written down and witnessed so both sides know right from the start. But even then problems can arise. It can work though, I think the best possibility is when the money comes from an outside source and not from one of the partners. More to come. Have a great evening Tiffany.🙂😺

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      • I agree on the last part. But even then delegating where the money should be invested is a bit challenging. As long as legally everything is written out and both parties agree. It can definitely work. I can’t wait to read what happens next. Thanks for sharing

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      • It’s important to have everything legally done right at the start, that’s where friends make a big mistake usually. Because they are friends and always agree on their normal friend activities, they don’t think it’s necessary. Huge mistake. Thanks again!

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    • That’s where friends usually fail, they don’t get things legally written down at the start. They just figure because they are good friends everything will work. But even legally done, it can still ruin a friendship. I have seen it. But I agree, it can work but rarely. Thanks for reading, more to come on this one.😃😺🍁🍂☕

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