Thanksgiving Day.

Hello everyone and Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers and everyone else too!!  Even if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving today why not take some time to be thankful?   Really, it shouldn’t be just one day a year, but every day.  I think most of us can admit to complaining now and then, or maybe a lot even.  Maybe we need to make a “thankfulness” list.   And keep that list in a spot where we can see it regularly.  My list today is going to include simple country pleasures.

Autumn colors along my street.

Since it’s autumn, being thankful for all those beautifully colored leaves is a good place to start.  I live in a small town and white tailed deer live all through this town.  It’s possible to watch a fawn being born on your lawn here.  A real country pleasure.  I have been able to pet and hug many different deer, does to large bucks.  A fantastic country pleasure.  The does have deliberately brought their newborn fawns right up to me, to show me.  That is a real country pleasure.IMG_7524

I have had chipmunks crawl all over me, go in my pockets searching for peanuts.  They have sat on my shoulder eating, or on my knee and kissed my cheek.  A simple country pleasure.  Squirrels have done the same thing.

This is Skamper, my first chipmunk at my present apartment.

I have had several different species of birds sit on my hands to get food.  One time I had 22 birds sitting on me all at once.  Another simple country pleasure.  I have had flying squirrels sit on my hand while I rubbed their head or stomach, such soft fur they have.  A real country pleasure.

Female red squirrel, everyone loves hanging around here.

The many different species of wildflowers to enjoy, some very tiny yet so very beautiful, if we just stop to take a look.  Simple country pleasures indeed.  The problem is, we are in too much of a hurry these days to see some of these amazing country pleasures.  Sitting beside a lake that is so calm it’s like a mirror, reflecting the surrounding trees and clouds. Sitting on a bench overlooking the river here, watching a mother duck with her ducklings swim past.  A beautiful country pleasure once again.

Female merganser and ducklings.

Standing next to a giant white pine looking up as it soars 150 to 200 feet (45 to 60 meters)  towards the sky. Or seeing that tiny mushroom about half an inch (1cm) across at the base of that mighty tree.  Both amazing country pleasures.  Or a tiny violet next to the sidewalk, some buttercups in a ditch, a field full of daisies, or a lowly dandelion poking up through a crack in the sidewalk.  Simple country pleasures.  Walking the forest path and watching a woodpecker pounding on a dead tree in search of its lunch.  Delightful country pleasures.

Mushroom next to the white pine.

I am very thankful to have a camera to record these different country pleasures now.  So that when I am unable to get out, like right now for the next few weeks, I can still look at all these pictures and remember all the country pleasures I have experienced.  Thankful indeed.  Whether this is Thanksgiving Day for you or not, take some time to be thankful anyway.  I am also very thankful for all of you for joining me here each day as I ramble on about my love for nature.  I hope you all have a wonderful day and God bless!

Looking the other way down my street.

Steve and Muffin.

© Steve McLeod.

41 Comments on “Thanksgiving Day.

    • Thank you so very much Saania!! Skamper is my favorite. When I come home he will come running along the deck and jump right up onto my hand, I put him near my pocket and he helps himself and off he goes. Do you have Thanksgiving Day too?


  1. Happy Thanks giving day Steve and Muffin✨🤗 Thanks for sharing these lovely things to be thankful, squirrel, birds flying squirrel and all love to hangout with Steve! Thats lovely to know.✨🥰 Enjoy the day✨🤗✍️

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  2. What can be better, then living in nature, with all the beautiful creatures, tress, flowers, all the greens around, looks so lovely in autumn:)
    Happy thanks giving lovely Steve:), baby ducks omg, super cute:)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Steve ! And Muffin too ! Simple country pleasures, how sweet they are ! Praise God for making them available for us to enjoy !

    Liked by 1 person

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