Adventures With Dad, Fishing. #3.

Hi everyone!  So I guess today we better get started, and hopefully finish this little adventure.  You must enjoy getting wet, I said to dad.  Bonehead, said dad.  You certainly made a big splash anyway, said I.  And that was it, I started laughing again.  Ha, ha, said dad.  I don’t think he meant it though.  We finally got back to shallow water and dad climbed back into the boat.  AAAAAAAAAA!!!, said dad.  What happened now?, I asked. I got a hook in my leg, who left that lure on the seat?  Considering there is only two of us in the boat, it seemed like a rather useless question to ask.  You did, I said, don’t you remember?  Dad looked and mumbled something.

Boating season is nearly over.

Let me pull it out, I said.  NO, get away, I’ll do it myself, he said.  But I can get at it easier, I said and moved closer.  NO, AAAAAA!!!  Then there was a splop and dad’s lure sunk out of sight in the lake.  Dad just looked.  Well, at least it’s out, I said.  One of my best lures, said dad quietly.  Look at all the blood, I said.  Dad hadn’t noticed.  All over my pants, he said.  They’re ripped anyway, I said.  Dad just looked.  Where’s the bandages, he said.  Back in the tent, I replied.  Dad just looked.  The put his head down.  Have a headache, I said.  Oh how true, he said.  Not sure what he meant by that.

Less boats around every day.

We went across the lake to a sunny little beach area so dad could dry out a bit.  Dad said to watch for rocks.  At a beach?  Yes, he said.  So I did.  Suddenly dad went faster and we hit the sandy bottom.  And I went flying into the water.  Wow, what a splash, he said.  And started with his hysterical laughter.  I think he did that on purpose.  We made a small campfire on the beach and made some fresh coffee.  Toss me a sandwich, nicely, said dad.  Okay, let me get it.  I tossed it nicely.  For some reason dad was bent over.  As the sandwich got close to him I yelled out, ‘catch’.  The look on his face as he wildly swung his arms trying to catch his sandwich.  He only succeeded in hitting it and it flew off into the water.  Dad just sat looking at it sink.

How did you miss it?, I asked.  You could have warned me, he said.  I did.  Not soon enough, he said.  How about sharing yours?  I finished mine.  Already?  I was hungry. Did you eat all the cookies too?  No, 2 left, I said.  2?  How many was there?  Not sure, a dozen I think.  How could you eat that many so fast?  I was eating them in the boat, I said.  Dad just looked.  I gave dad the remaining cookies.  He looked.  They’re broken in little pieces, he said.  You stepped on them when you got back in the boat, I said.  Dad put his head in his hands.

Soon there will be none.

It started to rain.  So we put out our fire and headed back to our camp site.  It was raining hard by that time and dad’s sleeping bag was still outside trying to dry out.  Dad just looked and said we’re going back home.  I agreed.  Dad was having a bad day.  Once home mom asked if we had a good time.  I never laughed so much, I said.  Then she turned to dad and said, you really should be more careful.  That’s when dad started with his hysterical laughter again and went to lie down.

And the lake will be empty for another season.

We sure had some good times together.  And there is so many more adventures to share.  I hope you all enjoyed this one, have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin. (who is sleeping because it’s raining again)

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

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