Empty Restaurant.

Hello and welcome to another day in the life of Steve.  Strange things happen to me sometimes.  Wait, they happen to me a lot.  Sigh.20190927_133335

Some time ago, not recently, there was a nice looking little country restaurant so I stopped in.  There was 2 cars parked in front so I wouldn’t be alone this time.  I go in.  No one inside.  I walk to a table and sit down.  It was a nice looking, though small, restaurant.  A head peaked out the kitchen door.  Then a guy comes out and says, you want somethin?  No, I just came in to rest my feet.  I didn’t actually say that, but almost did.  I’ll have a coffee and the breakfast special, I said.  Okay, he said and disappeared into the kitchen.  He came back with the coffee pot and a cup.20191009_150153

He stared inside the cup.  Then blew into it.  I should have left at that point, but hey, I wanted breakfast.  I better get a different cup, he said, this one is dirty.  At least he recognized that.  He left the coffee pot on the table and left.  I waited.  And waited.  Was I supposed to drink right out of the coffee pot?  Finally he comes back with another cup.  This one is clean, he said.  It took him that long to find a clean cup?  We also don’t have the breakfast special today, he added.  Okay, I will have bacon and eggs and toast, I said. Okay, and he left.20191009_145909

He comes back.  What kind of bread do you want.  I figured I better make this easy for the guy and just asked for white bread.  He left.  Comes back a short time later and says they don’t have any white bread.  How about rye?  He goes.  He comes back and says they don’t have any rye bread either.  What do you have?  Actually, he says, we don’t have any bread.  Now why didn’t he tell me this right away?  I’ll still have the bacon and eggs, with hash browns.  Okay, and off he went.  I really should have left, but it was getting interesting.

The end of another season.

He comes back.  We don’t have any bacon, would sausages be okay?  Fine.  Off he goes.  He returns a short time later.  I still don’t smell anything cooking.  We don’t have any sausages, he says.  Do you have eggs and hash browns?  He leaves.  I should have.  He comes back.  Actually, he says, we don’t have any food.  We will be going shopping this morning.  I just stared.  Want more coffee, he says.  No thanks.  I paid for my coffee and left.  Once in my car I burst out laughing! 

Everything here is true, exactly as happened.  Some days are like that with me.  Never dull.  Enjoy your day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.


57 Comments on “Empty Restaurant.

  1. First, you must have more patience than normal and then have a good bulletproof mood. Otherwise, the waiter would be without teeth. At least he gave you to make this fun story. An event of good humor. The photos are great. Regards.

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  2. Patience is not not one of my virtues…I would have left after seeing the guy blow into the cup ! Interesting read though !

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  3. Stu, sent me to your blog.

    What an experience at the restaurant. I was wondering if they were really open or had been shut down by the health department Or the man had been passing by and went into the restaurant to check it out. Saw a customer and thought he could make some money. Probably was not the cook, just visiting. Your waiting is almost as amazing as the man who had no food or clean dishes!

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    • Thanks for coming stopping by! I hope you like it here and will want to come back! He was actually the owner, I asked at another nearby restaurant where I finally got my breakfast. It was a husband and wife operation. I never saw her so assumed she was out getting food. It was an amazing experience, but with each passing moment it made me want to wait it out to find out what would happen. I’m strange that way! I think most people would have walked out after he blew into the cup! Have a wonderful evening!🙂😺

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  4. Hey Steve! My God, there is such restaurant? i imagined myself there🤔 no, not a good idea, i wouldve got arrested for sure.😂 The shop still exist? u must report Spam then😸😸😸. Laughing😂😂 Loved it steve. Such a fun story…. Have a beautiful day✨🤗✍️

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    • I found out it was a young couple that bought the place and knew nothing about operating a restaurant. They didn’t want to waste any food so they only bought a little at a time and waited until it was gone before getting more. They were only open about a year, then closed it. Apparently I wasn’t the only person to have had this problem with them. I enjoy adventures of all kinds!😂😂😹


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