Muffin’s Quotes.

Hi everyone, Muffin here!  Just wanted to share something with you all.  I kinda like it anyway, so I hope you will too!20191015_145953

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Muffin. (as meowed to my human)

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

42 Comments on “Muffin’s Quotes.

  1. If I tried to pet Muffin, my laptop would spaz. It’s a touch screen so it’s very sensitive to virtual cat-petting. Same goes with my iPhone. Luckily, I’ve got a fluffy butt sitting next to me while I type this. I would love to meet you and Muffin. I bet Timon and Muffin would get along really well. Timon is aware that she has a boyfriend so hopefully her boyfriend doesn’t mind. 😊💕

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    • It would be great to meet you some day Hilary.
      I don’t know, Scrappy is the type of cat that would probably get jealous.😼😹
      I think Muffin is jealous of my laptop, so she is always trying to sleep between me and it! Does make it hard to type at times.😂😹
      I hope you are having a great Saturday!😃🌞🍁🍂

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      • Timon walks across my keyboard when I’m trying to type. It must be a cat thing. I read somewhere that they do it to get attention which doesn’t surprise me. Timon is single but I’m quite sure he was a stud before we adopted him. He was a stray for 20 months and he’s probably missing his old carefree life. Once he did escape but he came back before we realized he was missing.

        Later I’m going out to “socialize” Nick’s friends (it’s awkward) even though I much rather stay inside all Saturday. I’m supposed to do some readings today but really don’t want to. I’m currently reading a chapter about integumentary medications and it’s really boring. Happy Caturday to you as well. 😊🌺


  2. 🤣 Oh, I do adore you Muffin!! I’d pet you anytime you asked 😛

    What a sweet post, Steve. Isn’t it funny how they MUST be the center of all attention in this world? It’s most especially important when you are trying to read anything or write. Unacceptable! 🤪

    I hope you and Muffin are having the most amazing weekend! All our love to you both! ♥

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    • Muffin does like being the center of attention alright. Though right now she knows there is something wrong so she wants to spend more time than normal with me. Animals know when we are sick or hurt.😸
      Thank you Holly! Each day is a good day, even when in pain.😃😺


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