More Signs In Kitchens.

Greetings to everyone!  Here we are with our second look at signs found in kitchens.  Real signs in real kitchens.  Honest.

–If you don’t like my cooking, lower your standards.

–This is a self-cleaning kitchen – you use it, you clean it yourself.

–There are two choices for supper in this kitchen – take it or leave it.

–Don’t criticize the coffee. You may be old and weak yourself someday.

–Kitchen closed due to illness…I’m sick of cooking!

And a little poem found on another kitchen plaque:

“Cleanin’ and dustin’ can wait for tomorrow.

Babies grow up, I’ve learned to my sorrow.

So quiet down cobwebs; dust go to sleep,

I’m rockin’ my baby and babies don’t keep!”

Well, there we have it folks.  I hope you have enjoyed this second selection of kitchen signs.  I hope you all have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

34 Comments on “More Signs In Kitchens.

  1. They really are the most original cooking rules. In these times, events like yours are needed to reduce tension and make life smile. Great your creation. I have enjoyed it very much. Regards.

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  2. I have several signs in our kitchen. One says something like: Due to budget cuts, the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off.”

    I can’t remember the exact wording at the moment but I thought it was hilarious. 😂

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    • Hi Simon! Glad to see you enjoyed these signs!😂😄 I have seen a lot of different ones in the past few years.😃😸 Thanks, I hope you have a great week too!😀😺🍁🍂

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