Autumn Hiking, Part 3.

Hi everyone and here we are ready to continue with our autumn hike.  Dad and I climbed a small hill where we could have our lunch in the sun.  Dad chose to sit on an old tree stump.  Are you sure that’s wise?, I asked.  Certainly, said Dad as he kicked it, nice and solid.  And he sat down.  Amazing how fast he stood up again.  Then he yelled, started waving his arms and ran.  He sure could run when he wanted.  And I thought he was tired from hiking.  He disappeared from view but came back after awhile.

Autumn along the river.

Working up an appetite?, I asked.  HA, HA, said Dad.  He chose a rock to sit on this time.  Apparently he had disturbed some wasps who were living in the stump.  I tried very hard not to laugh.  I can see that smile, said Dad, just toss me my sandwiches.  Gently, he added.  So I did.  What’s this?, asked Dad.  Your sandwiches, said I.  When you hit that tree you also flattened your sandwiches.  What about the other one?  That is both of them, I said.  Dad just looked at them.  Look at the bright side, I said, it won’t take you as long to eat them.  This is not the first time he ended up with flat sandwiches.

Street by Round Lake near the edge of town.

At that point I couldn’t hold back any longer.  I laughed.  Loud and long.  Dad roared with an hysterical laugh.  I couldn’t believe what happened next.  He got up, took my second sandwich and rolled it into a ball!  Can you believe it?  Then came that hysterical laugh again.  HA, HA, and I threw it at him.  But missed.  Instead it landed in his cup of coffee!  I laughed again.  Dad looked at his coffee.  I could tell what he was thinking.  But surprisingly he didn’t do anything.  He just quietly poured himself another cup of coffee.

Some leaves don’t want to give up easily.

Dad sat down on his rock.  Apparently it moved a bit.  Dad’s arms were all over the place as he tried to balance himself.  He didn’t fall, but he did spill his coffee all over his pants.  He just looked.  That was too much.  I laughed again.  He poured himself another cup of coffee.  That was really looking ahead buying that larger thermos, I said.  I was looking at you when I bought it, he replied.  Not sure what he meant by that.  I was sharing part of my sandwich with a little chipmunk that had come over to us.  He seemed quite happy as he scampered away with each piece.  Dad and I finished our lunch and started walking to that old town site, which wasn’t far.

That wonderful splash of autumn color.

I was just starting to find some nice old bottles when dad came over to where I was digging.  I tossed a bottle behind me that wasn’t interesting.  Whack!  I turned around to see dad sitting on the ground, moaning.  Tired?, I asked.  The bottle had hit him on the head.  Bonehead!, he said, notice anything different?  You’re rubbing your head, I said.  Dad just looked.  Look up, said Dad.  All I see are clouds.  Exactly, said Dad.  A few rain drops started.  We better head back before the rain makes it hard to get up that hill, explained Dad.  He might be right.   Back at the creek it was raining harder.  Might get wet, I said.  We’re already wet, said Dad.  At the log he said it would likely be slippery so to be careful.

And we shall carefully end our hike here for today. The final part will be here tomorrow. I hope you all have a happy Monday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

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