Muffin’s Mewsings #1.

Hi everyone, I’m back again with more fun with my human!  Sometimes I wonder how he ever survives, he’s always doing strange things.  But he sure can be a lot of fun too!  One day he took a bag of frozen veggies out and dropped it on the floor, open end down. Frozen veggie toys were all over the floor!  Did I ever have fun chasing and playing hockey with them.  My human was having fun too.  He was waving his arms and running after me.  Then he stepped on one of the frozen toys and started doing his happy dance and suddenly he sat down and hit his head against the cupboard.  Not sure why he would want to do that, I think it would hurt.IMG_7352

But he sat there holding his head and doing that human purring, which he calls groaning.  But if he’s purring, then I know he’s happy.  Another time he was cooking his dinner and I was watching from the safety of the living room.  I have learned it’s better that way.  But he often drops some yummy food on the floor so I like to watch, just in case.  My human is so nice that way, always thinking about me.


Anyway, he lifts a pot of corn off the stove and drops it on his foot!  That must have hurt. That hot water and corn went everywhere.  My human started doing his happy dance again.  That is so much fun to watch when he does that.  Then he must have hit a slippery spot on the floor and his arms were waving wildly in the air.  Never can figure why he does that.  Almost looks like he’s trying to fly.  And the look on his face while he did this!  Priceless!  Then he decided to sit down, right where most of the corn was.

Computer pal!😻

He finally got up and went and changed his clothes.  He does that a lot.  Then he comes back and looks at the mess he made.  Just stands there looking at it.  What an odd thing to do.  Then last night while we were sitting together in our chair, my human was eating his dinner, and he was reading something.  He wasn’t even looking at his food, so I looked to see if there was anything interesting.  Nice ham, I love ham.  So I started licking it, oh so good.  Then my human looked over and saw me.  You should have seen the look on his face that time, wow!  He just stared at his ham.  Very strange.  And for some reason he didn’t eat anymore of it.  I sure did.IMG_5234

He has been real good since he hurt himself though, not doing anything funny.  Just being nice and sharing.  Oh well, guess that’s all for now.  Have a great week everyone!

Muffin, as meowed to Steve.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

40 Comments on “Muffin’s Mewsings #1.

  1. Muffin you are hilarious ! I like that last pic of you with the quote “ put that camera away or you will not like how this day will end” ! Keep posting !

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  2. Muffin has your human shown you how to dial the emergency number just in case ? Here in Australia it’s 000 , is yours 999 ? . Wishing you and Steve a safe happy day 😀

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  3. Oh my dear Muffin, your human is doing the “happy not happy” dance pretty often and I guess is hurting quite a lot 😅
    But luckily he is nice and shares his ham with you 😉😻😽
    Wish you both a safe evening!

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  4. That’s just how your human is Muffin. I’m sure you love him that way, but I think you just forgot him when Scrappy showed up. Can’t blame you. He’s cute. Hey, let’s have a girl time if we ever met. 😸
    Aw, even you threats are adorable. ❤

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  5. Muffin, That was cute and fun filled✨😄 Your human Loves dancing it seems, and too much care for u, so that anything he cooks he puts down few for u too.😁 It’s basically some genes issue behind all that hurt. Hope your human is safe now.✨🤗 Happy Weekend Muffin … Hi Steve! how is your leg now? Hope all is fine. Happy weekend to you Steve ✨🤗✍️

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    • Muffin meows her appreciation for reading her post!😺😻 Yes, he’s always so nice to share his food.😸
      I am still in much pain, I can walk out to the end of the driveway and back each day, that’s it, a total of 250 feet, about 67 meters. A long way to go yet. 😕😜But I finally get to see the physiotherapist today so maybe that will help. Hope you have a wonderful weekend as well Simon!😁😸🌞

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      • Hi Steve! You are getting better ✨👌 keep up with help of physiotherapist you can recover faster ✨ Wish u quick recovery to jump around and entertain us with new adventures✨🤗✍️ Happy Weekend Steve✨🤗


  6. Muffin, I love your sense of humor. Perhaps, you should consider an acting career. And your human obviously needs your help. Have a fantastic, warm and cozy weekend. ☕️😺

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    • Muffin purrs her appreciation for your kind comment!😸😻😽
      First part of the weekend should be nice, sunny and 48,🌞😎 but Sunday cloudy, flurries and 34.🥶
      Have a great weekend as well!😸😁

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