Autumn Coffee With Steve.

Hello everyone on this nice, for us at least, late autumn day.  I didn’t think it would be possible but since we have this nice sunny day I thought we could have one more outdoor coffee time.  I completely forgot about this nice little memorial park on the shore of Rabbit Lake.  I actually took these pictures a couple weeks ago when the autumn colors were still so nice.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to walk around much that day, but I got some nice pictures anyway.IMG_0027

There is a nice little boardwalk through the park, leading to the gazebo and back again.  There is a couple benches to use, plus a picnic table.  But the best place to sit is in the gazebo itself which is right on the shore of the lake.  There is a couple benches to use in here as well.  A beautiful sunny spot to sit and enjoy our coffee while looking out at all the wonderful scenery around us.IMG_0031

So, how many of you would like coffee this morning?  There is cream and sugar here for you as well.  Plus I have regular tea, mint tea, milk tea and hot chocolate available for those who don’t like coffee.  I also brought some blueberry cupcakes that I made fresh for today.  And I know Sheree will also bring something along.  She always brings some delicious baking with her to share with all of us.IMG_0030

The view of the lake is just fabulous from here.  Just look at the yellows and golds among the green of the pine and spruce.  There isn’t much bird life around now, but I do see a couple of juncos digging away among the leaves looking for any seeds they can find, or even little insects.  And I see a couple daisies still blooming and some bright little dandelions. IMG_0032

Anyone ready for some more coffee?  There you go, lots for everyone.  And some blueberry cupcakes?  Maybe I should have made some more.  But here’s Sheree with some more goodies for us.  Just on time too, thanks so much Sheree!  Her baking is much better than mine, that’s for sure.  And yes, Sheree, I remembered, you like your coffee strong and black.  Simon is enjoying his coffee I see, he’s waving, must want some more.  Lots of milk tea also for some of you.  See Jessica?  I actually remembered.  My dad always enjoyed it as well.  Not me, I want coffee!IMG_0034

Just sitting, chatting, out here by the lake, is so nice.  That lovely fresh autumn air and the wonderful autumn scent provided by the leaves that have fallen to the ground.  Just beautiful indeed.  Our coffee times will now be a bit different as we move indoors and talk about different things.  I will open my apartment for coffee and show everyone my various collections.  I did a bit of that in early spring, but there is much more to see.  A long winter ahead talking about very little wildlife, and lots of snow!  So we need to do other things as well, I don’t want to lose all of you over the winter.

Well, thank you for joining me again today, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

29 Comments on “Autumn Coffee With Steve.

  1. I could really go for some milk tea or mint tea right about now! I’ve only got water. It’s so cold in the library that I am wearing mittens! Even during the summer, the library is freezing but my apartment usually feels like a sauna. And there is snow on the ground outside today. *Sigh*

    I started drinking tea again with meals, and had a little coffee the other day with a meal. I had forgotten how good coffee tastes. What is your favourite brand of coffee, Steve?

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    • Oh my, I don’t think I could be in a place that cold! We had 12 today, but tomorrows high is supposed to be 1. With flurries, and getting colder through the week. So I think winter is officially starting.😕😥❄🥶
      I’m not sure I really have a favorite brand of coffee, unless we include Tim Horton’s!😄🙃🙄 Usually I just buy whatever is on sale. I know, I’m terrible!😂😹☕Thanks for joining our coffee time!

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      • Calgary is -3C outside but the library feels just as cold. I’m surprised it’s not snowing inside of the library yet! ⛄️ Just kidding. Honestly though, it’s like they don’t have heaters in the library.

        Uh oh…. you like Tim Hortons coffee? Tbh I’m not a fan of Tims coffee but I love their steeped tea 😍 If you haven’t tried MCDs coffee yet, definitely try it sometime! I have large can of MCDs coffee at hone (too bad I can’t really drink it) ☹️ I know a lot of Tim’s Coffee fans won’t go there but it’s seriously worth trying. I wasn’t a coffee drinker until I tired MCDs coffee 😍 And if you are really hesitant, grab a free small coffee when they have the coffee promotions! They also give free coffee refills where Tim’s does not! ☕️☕️💕

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      • You don’t like Tim’s coffee???😳 (insert gasping and fainting). I have had McD’s coffee, it’s okay, but Tim’s is better.😀☕ Besides, Tim’s has nicer chairs.😂😂Also McD is on the other side of town, Tim’s is walking distance.😀🙄Except right now. But I do like Tim’s coffee better. Probably because I have gone there so much!😂🤪☕Living so close to it does that to a person.🤸‍♂️☕Oh well, I’m one of those incurable types I guess. Have a great day Hilary, and try to stay warm!😃😺🌞

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      • Tim’s used to have good coffee until they changed the recipe many years ago. I’ve worked at 3 Tim Hortons in my lifetime and have seen it change significantly over the years. It seems like MCDs got better and Tims got worse, but I still like Tims steeped tea a lot. 😅 I really like the MCDs McCafé beverages and get them for free with their loyalty (sticker) program. I know what you mean about living conveniently next to a Tim Hortons. There’s a Tim’s two doors down (short walking distance). Whenever I leave my apartment, the first thing I usually smell is Tim’s Coffee. It’s tempting because it smells good, until I remember what it tastes like. 😓

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      • I agree that Mcds got better, but I still prefer Tim’s. The aroma, the taste, the delicious donuts!! Ahhhhh, what could be better than that?😂😹🙄


  2. Oh how I loved the walk to Rabbit Lake ! The autumn landscapes are s-o-o pretty !…have a restful sleep tonight…God bless you !

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  3. Hey Steve, Did you started roaming again🙄? Nice pictures by the way😉👌 Oh coffee, i do like it with Milk😋 Its good but after that i dont take any snacks, as it makes me taste the snacks different. So, anytime i hav snacks i go for milk tea😁 Jessica loves macha milk tea she also wouldve enjoyed it and Sheree’s blueberry cakes. Wonderful day to join with you all… ✨🤗🤗🤗🤗✍️

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    • Thanks for stopping by Simon, glad you could make it! No, I’m not doing any roaming around, those pics were taken a while back, but we had a nice day again so it was a good fit! Have a great day Simon!😁😸🌞

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