A Moving Experience…#2.

Hi everyone on this rather cool October day.  Not much in the way of snow yet, but winter temps have certainly arrived, which means that winter has begun.  Speaking of moving, here is another of my moving experiences.IMG_0041

Dad and I were in the basement and decided to take up this trunk that mom had.  We picked it up.  Wow, this is heavy, I said, what’s in it?  Feels like your rock collection, said dad.  Funny, I said, it’s not my trunk.  It’s amazing the handles don’t fall off, I added.  If they do my feet will be flat, said dad.  He never should have said that.  I started to laugh and dropped my end.  Poor dad, guess he wasn’t expecting that and he tried to keep on walking.  Hit his leg on the trunk.  My leg, he yelled, why did you drop it?  I can’t carry it when I’m laughing, said I.  Then stop laughing, said dad.  Then stop saying funny things, I said.IMG_0077

I picked up my end and we made our way to the stairs.  The stairs were steep and narrow.  Dad wanted to rest before going up the stairs.  We just got started, I said.  Dad just looked.  After our rest we start up those stairs.  I was in the lead, for some reason dad wanted it that way.  I hear cracking, I said.  We were about half way.  Well don’t stop now, said dad.  But mom is calling, I said.  So I put my end down and left.  Dad was screaming in the background.  I come back.  Why did you take the trunk back down the stairs?, I ask.  Dad looked, and put his head down.IMG_0102What did mom want?, he asked.  She was wondering why you make so much noise.  Dad just looked.  She also said to be careful with the trunk, there are breakable things in it.  We start back upstairs.  Did mom say why the trunk is so heavy?  I’ll go ask, said I.  No, said dad.  It’s okay, I don’t mind, and off I went.  Dad was screaming in the background.  When I got back dad was nearly at the bottom of the stairs again.  Why do you keep going back down?, I ask.  Why do I keep asking you to help me?  Good thing I’m here to help, I said, what would you do without me?  Enjoy myself, said dad.  Not sure what he meant by that.

Late autumn on the lake.

So why is the trunk so heavy?  Mom didn’t know, she said there was nothing heavy in it.  Dad looked, then put his head down again.  Let’s go, I said and picked up my end.  For some reason dad had changed and was holding his end from the bottom now.  So when I picked up my end it slammed his fingers against the stairs.  Dad yelled.  Made me drop my end.  The look on dad’s face as the trunk slid into his stomach.  Finally he managed to say, Bonehead!  Hard to imagine how he could be enjoying this.  But we finally got it up and into the truck without dad hurting himself anymore.

Still a couple of these brave little juncos around yet.

We came back inside for a break.  Mom just stood there, shaking her head, and said.  All that noise over one little trunk!  That did it.  I started laughing again!  Dad just started with his hysterical kind of laugh and went in the other room.  The joys of moving.  I hope you enjoyed this today.  There are so many moving experiences I could share, perhaps another time.  I hope you all have a great day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin (who is curled up beside me sleeping).

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

23 Comments on “A Moving Experience…#2.

  1. Oh my god you’re clumsy even when you were young. (Says the person “isn’t clumsy” not the quotation marks 😂) No wonder Muffin tease you in her post. Your poor dad become you victim 😂

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