Adventures With Dad And I. Part 2.

Hello everyone!  There certainly has been a change in the weather.  But that is to be expected this time of year.  Muffin is enjoying her nap, dreaming of warmer summer days with open windows and chipmunks.  I should join her.  But I won’t.  I will wait until tonight instead.  Now, back to our adventure with dad heading for those willows.IMG_0045

Right through the bushes and…splash!  The look on dad’s face as I came in right behind him.  He did manage to stand up, but I hit his legs and down he went again.  But at least it kept me from getting wet.  I stood up and dad said, look at that.  I turned to look into the water and…splash!  Dad claimed I could have tripped on a branch.  I think he pushed me.  I came out, picked up some wet mud and tossed it.  Splat!  Right on top of dad’s head!  Perfect shot, I said laughing.IMG_9912

Dad picked up mud and tossed it, hitting my shoulder.  The mud fight began!  Dad began to say, don’t throw any…splat!  Right on his forehead.  My glasses are all dirty, he said.  Wash them in the water, I said.   Anyway that ended the mud fight.  I waded out into the water.  What are you doing?  Washing all this mud off, can you imagine explaining all this mud to mom?  Being wet is bad enough, I said.  Dad thought, then he came out to wash the mud off too.  But the bottom was very thick gooey mud.  And dad was heavier than me.  He started to sink.  My foot is stuck, he said, my shoe is coming off.  Don’t take your shoe off, you’ll never find it, I said.  Bonehead!, said dad.IMG_9914

He’s actually enjoying this?  Finally he gets his foot out and comes back to dry land.  He stands there looking at his feet.  Lost your shoe, I said, then started laughing.  Good thing you brought extra shoes, I said.  They’re wet, said dad.  So are you, I said, besides do you want to walk in socks?   I think I must have laughed all the way back to the car.  All dad said was, bonehead, and, how can you laugh so much?  It’s funny, I said.  I can’t wait to hear you explain to mom how you lost your shoe!  Maybe you should leave your shoe outside, then mom won’t notice right away.  Dad thought it was a good idea.  First thing mom said was, what happened to your shoes?  I started laughing again!  Dad started with his hysterical laugh.IMG_0044

I hope you have enjoyed this shorter adventure.  Dad and I actually went on hundreds of adventures and funny things only happened on maybe 40 or 50 of them, the rest were quite normal.  Oh well.  Also, meeting trains was common with all the grain being transported during autumn.   I hope you all have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

61 Comments on “Adventures With Dad And I. Part 2.

      • Hi Steve! I am. Much better. Gosh—knocked me down a peg or three. But it’s ok. Can’t get rid of me just yet.
        These stories with your Dad make me giggle. Did you have a nickname for him?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Glad you’re doing better again!😃 Dad and I did have a lot of fun, even the normal adventures were fun and I think something funny happened every time but a few had a lot happen!😂😹 Those are the fun ones to write about. Plus I always wrote down notes in my journal for those, not always for the normal adventures.😀 I didn’t have a nickname for Dad aside from continually reminding him he was heavier than me!😂🙄 More such adventures will be coming, especially now that we are heading into winter with cold temps and a little snow today, the official start of winter for us. Need something different to write about besides cold and snow!
        Had my first ultrasound treatment today, 7 more to go. Also found out it could be Christmas before I am back to normal again.😲 That would make 3 months, already been 1 month. Amazing really, I have done many things far more dangerous without getting hurt! And a simple thing knocks me out for months. 😜 But I am happy that it didn’t happen the beginning of July, would have spoiled a whole summer!😳 Guess I will have to be more careful from now on. Terrible thought!
        Hope you have a great evening Nina!😃😺🌞🌲❄


      • A friend we know calls his son “monkey boy” so naturally that makes dad “great ape”. Ha!
        Glad you are getting treatments. Think of this time as a great learning experience. Should give you plenty to write about…
        Snow??? Burrrr. We are enjoying an epic fall. California on the other hand is burning to the ground. Rough winds.
        Yes terrible thought—especially after all your crazy adventures as a kid. Hey—we aren’t getting any younger. Stuff takes longer to heal!
        You have a great night, Steve—I’ll see you soon! 🙂

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      • Hmm, write about my learning experience from this? Like, the art of sitting. Not bad, would make a good post, the title would get attention!🤔😄🙄
        Sure, make fun of my age!😂😄 But I did read somewhere that it’s all downhill after 30, no wonder I’m moving so fast!😂😂😹
        Nice to chat again Nina!😃😺


      • Hahaha—I’m envisioning the cartoon—a couple of old farts “racing” downhill grinning away…with canes and crutches. Always nice to chat with you as well 🙂

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