Monday’s Pictures #3.

Good morning everyone on this cool Monday morning.  And because it’s Monday then it must be time for some more nature pictures to help us start the work week.  Studies have shown that being out in nature is calming and relaxing, helping to relieve stress.  And those studies have also shown that even looking at pictures of nature can have the same effect, though perhaps to a lesser extent.  So, lets take a look at some pictures from Steve’s Country!IMG_7537

Above is Junior, we have seen him before but in a slightly different pose.  But he looks so nice I just had to include him again.IMG_4679

Down by the river earlier this summer when the water was much lower than it is now, but still with a dangerous current.IMG_0176

Above is Mama Chip who is no longer around.  Crossing streets is dangerous for squirrels.IMG_4608

Arriving at the river for the first time.  So nice to remember those warm summer days.  I hope you have enjoyed today’s selection of photos.  Remember, the best way to start each day is with a smile and a good attitude to carry with you throughout the day.  Have a beautiful Monday everyone and God bless!

Steve and Muffin (who meows good morning to all of you as well).

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

30 Comments on “Monday’s Pictures #3.

  1. Nothing better than appreciating the beauty that nature gives us, give us those positive energies in the spirit and allows us to face the week with an attitude with enough optimism. Your photos well achieved, we are glad the beginning of the day. Greetings and for you also the best of the week.

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  2. Hi Steve! A very happy morning to you✨🤗 Lovely pictures, that deer is cute, yes u can still use him in many posts. Chipmunk must need a way to cross the road. Hope Steve will figure out a way😉 Beauty is always around us. Its up to us how we embrace its beauty to the world. You do that awesome.✨🤗 Happy Monday Steve✨

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    • Thank you Saania! Yes, being by the river is my favorite spot. Right now I really miss that! Have a great week and thanks so much for stopping by!😃😺🌞


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