Store Experiences…#1.

Hello everyone!  It’s a nice sunny, but cold day here.  It really is nice to see that sun shining again.  It has been cloudy and rainy nearly every day since mid August.  So every sunny day is a treat to enjoy.  Speaking of shopping.  I used to enjoy shopping at one time, not so much anymore.  Things happen to me when I’m at the store.  Not good things.  Odd things.  Terrible things.  Embarrassing things.  Dad was the same way.  But I’ll save his funny stories for another day.  Back to me and shopping.  We don’t mix.  Like me and technology.  Just doesn’t work out too well most times.

Here is the home of our local rowing club, located on beautiful Rabbit Lake.

So, I wanted a latch for a cupboard door, a very simple kind of latch.  Very common type of latch.  Off I go to the store.  Couldn’t find it anywhere.  I ask a sales person who actually happened to be close by for a change.  Got this blank stare.  I get that blank stare a lot from sales people when I ask for things.  She had no idea what I was talking about.  Off to another store.  Asked once again since I couldn’t find it myself.  Twice in one day there was a sales person close by.  Nearly fainted.  I got the same blank stare.  I think stores must teach their employees this blank stare.  Gets rid of unwanted customers.

Next to the rowing club is some nice tennis courts and sand beach, located in Garrow Park where we had one of our coffee chats earlier this summer.

She had no idea, but said she doesn’t normally work in that department.  So she went and got the man who normally does work that department.  Okay…if the man who normally works in that department is there, why is someone who doesn’t normally work in that department working in that department when the person who normally works in that department should be the one working in that department and there wouldn’t be a problem?  Right?  I think anyway.  But not too often.  Gives me a headache.

A lot of people live on our big lake, mostly in summer.

He’s not on break either.  He’s working in the department the woman normally works in. Makes sense.  No point making it easy for customers.  So I ask him.  I don’t believe this, I get the same blank stare.  I could have done this well just staying home and looking at the wall.  Less frustrating too.  Off to another store.  Why?  I enjoy getting frustrated.  What other reason could there be.  I ask once again.  I get the same blank stare.  Four times in a row.  I’m almost ready to scream. IMG_9951

Why don’t you bring one in and show me, she said.  I’m really trying hard not to scream at this point.  If I had one to bring in, then I wouldn’t need to buy one.  Sigh.  Off to another store.  I’m crazy, that’s why.  Amazingly I found another sales person easily.  I ask again.  Yes, she says, we sell those, right over here.  They sell them!  Finally!  Fantastic!  Oh, she says, we’re sold out.  She’s probably wondering why I’m hitting my head on the shelf.  Sigh.

There are many more to share, about me and my dad.  We both had/have the same problems at stores.  Enjoy your day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin (who is sleeping in the sun soaking up that heat).

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

15 Comments on “Store Experiences…#1.

    • There was, but employees in this area don’t like to do more than is absolutely necessary. Not all of course, but it seems most are like that. I may write a post about that one day. The work ethic here is terrible. Thanks for reading Wael!


      • Sometimes , employees could be tired , or exhausted and not really compensated enough for their work …
        You do not really know what they are going through…
        Anyway, I prefer to buy things from places I know well and buy from suppliers I trust and love …

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      • No, that’s not the reason, it’s just a bad work ethic, it’s bad around here it truly is. I do know a lot about it, it’s not just a guess. Like I said, not all, but most it seems are like that. So many people don’t know how to interact with other people. But we’ll leave it at that for now.


  1. I’m trying to recall whether I had any store experiences as you…hmmm…the only times I did were when I brought my kids with me ! Bad experiences are all that I will share with you !

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    • These store experiences are something dad and I had in common. So many things have happened to both of us! Though it didn’t usually have anything to do with employees, it was us!😂😂


    • Thanks for reading Peregrine! The amazing thing is these employees had been working for a couple years or more, except the last one. Yes, though I gave in and got something different which was a lot more expensive. Oh well. Should have done that at the start and saved all that driving around, and frustration!😂😂

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  2. I research before I go to the shops. I have in the past used my phone, scanned a photo and description of the item I need and then show that to the shop assistant. It usually works out well.

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    • Yes, I can do that now, but this happened a while ago when I didn’t have a phone, I’m slow, just got one 6 weeks ago. But generally I try not to ask anymore! Too many bad experiences asking for things!😂😂😀


  3. Ha ha ha Steve! If i were u, i scream.😂😂😂 these people exists😱 their way of work to annoy customers 🙄. It’s a funny experience, not for you, but you made it funny for us. Thanks for this Steve. ✨🤗✍️ Looking forward for more Experiences ✨😁


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