Insulator Adventures With Dad #2.

We didn’t hear a thing until it was right there, those rock cuts always seemed to block the noise of those trains.  But it startled dad this time and he slipped.  And was he moving down that embankment!  Right behind me.  No way I could go anywhere, there was wild rose bushes on both sides of me.  Only thing to do is run down and try to stay ahead of dad.  Right.  Suddenly, whump!  He hit me and I landed on his stomach, my backpack on dad’s face.  Ooohhhh, groaned dad.  But amazingly his glasses stayed on, usually they fall off quite easily.

This gives an idea of the insulators we were looking for.

As we came to the bottom I quickly rolled off dad and sploop!  Dad landed in a patch of wet, sloppy mud.  Bonehead!  Amazing that he could actually be enjoying sitting in that wet mud.  For my new readers, dad said bonehead a lot when we were out together.  I finally figured out it must mean he was enjoying himself.  Anyway, back to the story.  Why don’t you get out of there, I asked.  A little help would be nice, he said.  I’ll get that old branch and pull you out, said I.  NO, you don’t need a branch, said dad.  Hey, no problem, I said, and picked it up and swung it around.  Whack!  Oops, hit dad on the back of the head. IMG_3708

My glasses, he called out, they fell in the mud.  You’re always losing your glasses, I said.  Only when you’re around, said dad.  I think you’re sinking deeper, I said.  Thanks, said dad.  You’re welcome.  Dad just looks.  I give dad the branch and pull.  Can’t pull you out, I said, you’re in too deep and you’re too heavy.  Ha, ha, said dad.  Put your hands down and push, I said.  Amazingly dad tried it.  His hands sunk in the wet mud up to his elbows.  AAAAAAA!!!!!!, said dad.  Didn’t work, I said.  No kidding, said dad, crazy suggestion.  Then why did you try it?  Dad just looked, then put his head down.  I’m sinking deeper, said dad.  I already told you that, I said. 

Island on the lake.

Hey, remember the last time you got stuck in the mud and I put that stick under you?  I remember, said dad, a crazy idea.  But it worked, I reminded him.  Dad thought.  How are you going to get that branch under me?, he asked.  Lean over as much as you can, I said.  He did and I quickly put the branch under him.  AAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!, yelled dad.  Guess I didn’t go deep enough, I said.  So I wiggled the branch and got it under him.  There, I said.  How is that going to help?, asked dad.  Well, it should stop you from sinking deeper, I said.  Thanks.  You’re welcome, I said.  Here’s another stick, hold onto this and push on the branch while I pull.  Dad thought a minute, then said “okay”.

Lake life.

It took a bit but out he came and landed on his hands and knees.  I moved closer to help him get up.  AAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!, he yelled.  You’re sure yelling a lot today, I said.  You stepped on my fingers, he replied.  Oh, sorry, I said.  Dad let out the biggest sigh I ever heard.  Wow, look at the rip in your pants, I said.  Bonehead, said dad as he looked at the rip.  I don’t know why you always want to go looking for insulators, I said.  I’m beginning to wonder about that too, said dad.  You really need to be more careful, I said.  I really need to find someone else to go with me, he replied.

We certainly had a great time on our adventures and I hope you are enjoying reading about them.  Part 3 is coming soon, I hope you have a wonderful day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

101 Comments on “Insulator Adventures With Dad #2.

  1. Hi Steve! How are things? Another beautiful adventure✨🤗 I have the same question as you. Why is your dad is so fond of collecting this insulators? we have read the history behind it, but still wonder why?. Did u collect? what else do u collect Steve✨🤔 This post is more funnier than last one. Glad you saved him from mud, but pants, no we cant save them😂. Enjoyed it Steve,✨🤗😀 Enjoy the friday. I think you wil be wide awake early by now when u read these comments.✨🤗


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