Friday’s Pictures #3.

Hello everyone on this first day of November!  Hard to believe that another month is gone already.  It’s cloudy, -2 (28F) and a little light snow.  Muffin is looking out the window dreaming of warmer days and chipmunks.  All my little chipmunks have gone to bed for the winter, just Choco the squirrel still around.  I have lost most of my birds due to the fact I can’t make a new bird feeder for them right now.  It will be a dull winter without my birds around.  Muffin agrees.  Anyway, let’s get to the pictures for today!IMG_9921

From the top of this hill a person can see a long distance and really enjoy the colors of autumn that are gone for another year.broad-leaved arrowhead1

Above we have the broad leaved arrowhead, one of our water loving flowers.IMG_5017

Above we have another look at Sir George, my friendly herring gull.  He and his mate, plus others, enjoy coming to my feeder in the spring and summer looking for food.  He is a large bird with a 5 foot (150cm) wingspan.IMG_5004

A busy bee gathering nectar from this nice lavender bachelor’s button.

Well, a different mix of pictures for today, hope you have enjoyed them.  Happy Friday to everyone and God bless!

Steve and McLeod.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

101 Comments on “Friday’s Pictures #3.

  1. Great pics as usual ! Here the snow is falling down…actually looks pretty !…
    Happy Friday to you and sweet Muffin !

    Liked by 1 person

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