Hope…A Poem.


Gone are all the colors bold,

Trees look barren and so cold.

All the life that they once had,

Now gone till spring, oh how sad.

Little birds singing so loud,

Brought such life through sun and cloud.

Now those birds have flown away,

Leaving such a silent day.

Storms of snow will come so fast,

Soon the lake will freeze at last.

Bitter cold will follow too,

All this I know, to be true.

Then will come the warmth of spring,

Bringing life to everything.

Leaves will clothe the trees once more,

And birds will sing, like before.

Β© 2019 Steve McLeod.

21 Comments on “Hope…A Poem.

  1. Great characterization of the barren trees ! The flickers, chickadees and nuthatches have been very active the past few days…


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