Is It Possible?

Hi everyone, I’m back with another…well, whatever it is, I’m back with it!  This day is actually getting colder through the day instead of warmer.  A biting cold.  The lake and river are open still and that puts a lot of moisture in the air.  The river, of course, stays open all winter, on this portion anyway.  So humidity is always higher than it would be normally.  Adding to the cold.  Plus it’s windy today.  I was thinking of making some changes to the bird feeders today.  Not a smart idea.  But at least I figured out what needs to be done.  And, I need to take it easy for a lot longer yet.

Chester on my knee.

Speaking of easy.  It is very easy for someone to break into a home these days.  Unless you have an alarm system of some kind.  I don’t.  This story takes place at an apartment where I was living just prior to this place.  I wake up one night about 1 am to a tapping kind of sound.  What’s going on now?  What’s Bonnie and Clyde doing now?  They were my cats at the time.  However, they were both in bed with me.  Tapping continues in the living room.  I get up to check.  Can’t see anything.  I thought maybe one of the deer was tapping on the window.IMG_5792

I went to look.  Right at that spot where I looked was a face!  And not my face.  Must admit it startled me a bit.  He goes over to the door and tries to get in.  I yell at him to leave or he will get a headache.  I had my “persuader” with me.  He doesn’t want to leave so I call the police and my landlord shows up.  He’s a police officer.  Seems this guy was a friend of the previous tenant and was looking for a place to sleep.  So he took him off to the police “hotel” for the night.  The guy was a “bit” drunk.  Hmm, how many other friends will show up?  And do any of them have a key?  I mention this to my landlord and he provides a new lock.

Wow, how do I carry one of those?

I get a phone call one evening from a very pleasant sounding young woman.  I had been away for the day.  Apparently she wants something.  Or things I have will go missing.  Right, like she knows what I have?  HA!  Then she starts naming things.  Now these things can’t be seen from any window.  They are in cabinets and drawers.  Yet she could describe them perfectly.  What does that mean?  Just what she said.  Her and a friend had been in my apartment.  Obviously that was true.  I don’t know about you, but it gives me a weird feeling to know that someone has come into my apartment and has gone through all my belongings.

Do you want to find that camera in the morning?

She called from a pay phone.  Amazingly those things still exist.  Nothing really could be done.  Except I put better locks on my door.  Never heard back from her.  Still gave me that weird feeling.  These are only 2 things that have happened to me.  I will mention more another time.  Kind of interesting really.  In a strange sort of way.  Oh well.  I hope you all have an enjoyable day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

52 Comments on “Is It Possible?

  1. Here too the temperature has dropped instead of rising! This morning there was 10°C, now it’s 8! Sometimes I think of you up there in the north, I’m already freezing here. But I know, it’s just a matter of habit. In a week 8°C they will seem to me so many!
    Enjoy your day ☺️

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    • Hi Ross! Right now it is -15 and quite windy. It’s cold out there. I’m surprised it would be that cold where you live. At least not this early. Thanks for reading today!😁😸🌞

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      • -15!!!!😱😱😱
        In reality it is normal for us to have around 10°C during this period. The fact is that until a few days ago it was too hot and now we are not used to the cold.

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      • Yes, that is always a problem, when the temp changes so fast like that, then it feels colder that it is.
        We are into winter temps, but we need some snow to protect things. We only have about 1cm of snow, which is odd for us, we would normally have much more.

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  2. Yes, I know that if someone wants to get in they will find a way…if only we could put bars on our windows and doors…an alarm system would be good, altho’ I would probably forget the code…be safe ! Time to train Muffin to be more aggressive…ha,ha…

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  3. Here it is too foggy, and the air pollution level is too bad 🥴 cant see city clearly🧐not cold not warm what do i call this climate 🙄🙄🧐 And coming to the post, that is a strange experience, i would have tried to catch them for sure, 😂😂 Enjoyed reading it … Have a beautiful warm day Steve.. I mean at least inside the house.☺️

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