Friday’s Pictures #4.

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope everyone is having a fantastic Friday.  And here we are again to another picture post.  Sometimes the days go by so fast that I almost forget what I’m supposed to be doing.  Anyway, I have chosen some nice pictures of hairy woodpeckers for you to enjoy today.  So, here we go;IMG_3861

Above we have a female hairy woodpecker after sunflower seeds at one of my landlord’s bird feeders.  She is actually looking for seeds for her hungry babies.IMG_3881

And here is the male helping out with food hunting for the hungry babies.IMG_4039

Here’s the male at my bird feeder, you can see the sunflower seeds in his beak.  They only wanted seeds that were already shelled.  And the two of them were busy at it for days getting seeds for their babies.  I never did find their nest, it was across the street somewhere among all those trees.  But it was fun to watch them and they didn’t mind me standing there with my camera taking pictures of them.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this pics today.  Enjoy your Friday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

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