Sunday’s Pictures #15.

Good morning on this rather chilly Sunday here at Steve’s Country!  I hope all of you are enjoying your weekend, and yes, almost over for some of you.  Weekends do seem to go so fast sometimes.  Kind of like summer.  We are so excited that summer has begun and suddenly, it’s gone.  At least that’s the way it is up here in the north.  Winter is our long season, usually 6 months, sometimes 7.  On occasion it is only 5 months.  We haven’t had one of those short winters for a long time, so maybe that means….Anyway, we can still enjoy some summer with pictures, which is what we will do today.  So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!IMG_3388

This little beauty above, the Viola, is one of our earliest spring flowers.  Though a lot of people consider them to be a weed, I think they are a very pretty flower.IMG_3595

Above is a very lovely, large Iris from my landlord’s garden.IMG_4448

A very bright white Potentilla above, with guest.

There we have today’s selection of bright and sunny flowers reminding me of warmer days that were, and looking forward to their return once again.  Thank you so much for stopping by today and I hope you have a wonderful Sunday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

205 Comments on “Sunday’s Pictures #15.

  1. Lovely flowers ! I learned something new from your post…did not know that some people consider the beautiful Viola a weed…to me it is not a weed !

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  2. Hi Steve, Must say good n8 now isnt it🙄 Unfortunately but fortunately i slept thats a good thing for sure. 😂 May be not sleeping a night before really works😉 The voila is so beautiful, comparing potentiala and large iris. Why iris is so clumsy🤔 is that the way it grows😉 Hope you had a beautiful sunday. Have a good night Steve✨🤗✍️

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    • Hey, there’s a thought, if you want to sleep one night, don’t sleep the night before.😂😂 I must remember that one.🤔🙄Saying my iris is no good, now I’m hurt.😥🙄😂😂It was a good day even though cold outside. I’m inside drinking hot chocolate.😋☕ Not quite time for bed, couple more hours then it’s😴😴🤪

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  3. Lovely photos, Steve! We’re getting some cold weather on Tuesday, of course, nothing like yours. We live in an apartment complex and there are lots of trees. The premise is covered with leaves of all colors and it’s gorgeous. We have leaf blowers here because after a while the leaves become a hazard. ☕️☕️☕️☕️🍂 🍁🍂 🍁

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