Humorous Happenings.

Hello everyone!  Today I thought I would share some humorous things that have happened to me.  It’s always nice to laugh a bit, and I always laugh at these things myself.  It’s always good to look at the comical side of things.  So, here we go…

The other day I was doing some cleaning.  Have to do that now and then.  I stood up after picking something off the floor. Whacked my back against one of my cabinets.  That made me kick a stool.  I have no idea why, just happened.  That made me bend over, hitting my head on another cabinet.  This place is rather small.  Aside from the groaning, I also dropped the item I had originally picked up.  Sigh.  Hard to believe sometimes.IMG_3788 

I needed to vacuum my apartment.  First I needed to empty the container on the vacuum cleaner.  Not a big deal.  Normally.  But…it didn’t want to come off.  I struggled and struggled.  Nothing.  Finally one last desperate attempt.  It came flying off and covered me and surrounding floor with the total contents of dust, cat hair and assorted whatever.  Sigh.  I think there was still a cloud of dust floating around the apartment the following day.  Unless, perhaps, it was foggy. IMG_4587

I wanted to make myself I little sweet treat, nice to have once in a while.  It required a cup of brown sugar.  No problem, had a new bag.  Cut an opening and proceeded to pour it into the measuring cup.  Nothing.  Sugar never moved.  Hmm, the opening is plenty large enough, I thought.  As I was looking at it I squeezed the bag.  Whomp!  Brown sugar everywhere.  On the counter.  In the sink.  On the floor.  In my slippers.  Except in the measuring cup.  Not a grain of sugar there.  Sigh.  Bought a new bag of brown sugar.IMG_2148 

Speaking of shopping.  While out shopping one day I needed to pick up cat food for Muffin.  She likes it for some reason.  Considering how much she enjoys my food, I can’t figure why she wants her own cat food.  Anyway, back at the store, I head to the pet section and when I arrive I notice there was a new stack of cat litter.  Right, said I, need to get some of that.  Which I did.  And promptly left.  Returning home Muffin greets me as usual, and I remember.  Not cat litter, cat FOOD.  Muffin was not amused.  Just sat there swishing her tail back and forth and looking at my feet.  I think my feet were sore for a whole week.20191003_132101

These are just a few of the things that have happened to me.  There is so much more, I will keep sharing things now and then.  Anyway, I hope all of you have an enjoyable weekend, God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

33 Comments on “Humorous Happenings.

    • Thank you very much Michelle, glad you enjoyed it! I always get a good laugh thinking about these things myself!😂 Yep, she really does!😹 Have a great evening.😃😺🌲⛄

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  1. Well, what can I say…things happen to us and in your case it is almost daily ! However, your mishaps make us laugh…so it is a positive thing ! …those pics of Muffin are great…how many times does Muffin say “ my human is in trouble again” !

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yep, things do happen, but mostly only momentary pain, then laughter!😂😹 And it does give me something to write about for sure. hehe!🤪😄🙄 I seem to get that “look” from Muffin a lot sometimes.😼 Enjoy the remainder of your evening!


  2. 😂 You’re too silly Steve.
    And Muffin’s look… priceless. I think she doesn’t really consider herself to be a cat or you being a human. So why should she have another food?

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      • Nope! I’m having a good naps because it’s been nothing else than the last week haha 😀
        That’s Muffin’s trademark then 😹

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      • 😭 no I got no writing time and haven’t start any Christmas decoration. I’m sure I’ll be baking my own birthday cake in 14 days 😭 No worries though, in some way, I’m having fun.

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      • No time to write?😳😳That’s terrible! You’re birthday is Dec 5? That’s great, let me guess, you’re turning 23? Can be hard to tell from pictures sometimes, but I must be close anyway. At least when you bake your own cake, you know it will taste good! I always have to bake my own cake too. Have a wonderful day Jessica!😃😺⛄🌲❄🌨


      • Thanks Steve! You can flip the number and plus 3. Please don’t make me spell my age. I’m sensitive…🙃 I’m 35.
        I guess I’m blessed to look way younger compare to my age. My 3 year old is often mistaken to be my brother, and it’s the same funny each time he tells them “mama” while pointing at me 😂 The bad thing is that my husband always gets a bad stare.
        Yes, that’s one positive way of looking at it. AND I can make it with any flavor I wish 🥰

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      • There’s no way I would have guessed that. I actually thought I might be guessing too high as it was.😳 Well, there’s certainly nothing wrong with looking younger, that’s great.😎 I can imagine the looks that people would have!😂😂
        Any flavor is right, with maple cream filling and maple topping! mmmm, sounds so good, think I will have to try that myself!😁🎂 Have a wonderful day Jessica!😃😺⛄🌨🌲

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      • I’m crazy about maple! ❤ but they cost a lot here… and I'll go for pandan cake this year. I miss it. 🙂
        I hope you get a fantastic day with Muffin 🤗

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  3. Better to laugh, then to cry! You know, I have those kinds of days where everything seems off-kilter or maybe it’s me that is off-kilter! Imagine that. ☕️☕️🤪

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    • Yep, that’s been kind of a motto of mine for a long time now. Cry and complain, or laugh and smile. I’ll take the laugh and smile any day! Thanks for reading Eugenia! Enjoy the remainder of your day!😁😺🙃⛄🌲


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