Adventures With Dad, The Cottage.

Hello everyone!  Something a bit different in our adventures series today.  Some years ago dad and I bought some land so we could build a cottage.  We had some fun days building that cottage.  Just like going out looking for insulators, I think something happened every time we were working on that cottage.  I remember one particular time when dad was just not having a good day.IMG_3605

I was bringing in some 2x4s through the door, but the door seemed stuck and wouldn’t open fully.  So I gave it a good push.  AAAAAAA!!!!!! Thud!  I looked behind the door.  Dad was laying on his stomach on the floor.  What’s wrong?, I asked.  Dad was trying to wipe sawdust off his face.  Didn’t you notice the door wouldn’t open?, he asked.  Yep, I said, that’s why I pushed harder.  I was picking something off the floor, he said, so I was holding the door so you wouldn’t knock me over.  Not a good idea, I said, you could get hurt that way.  Bonehead, he said.  How odd.IMG_4162

Where do you want these 2x4s?, I asked.  On the floor behind the door, he said.  So I swung them around and…oOoOoOoOo…thud!  Dad didn’t get out of the way and the boards hit him right in the stomach.  Then he sat down on the floor.  Wouldn’t it be better to sit on a chair?  Bonehead!  Must admit, I started laughing.  And laughing.  It wasn’t that funny, said dad.  You didn’t see your eyes, I said.  Thought they were going to pop right out!  Ha, ha, said dad.  That just got me laughing some more.  We decided to have some coffee.  No, nothing funny happened.  I know, amazing.

A young buck by my deck.

We had been working on the trusses and dad forgot his hammer hanging on one of them.  He asked me to get it, so I did.  When I was up there he said to toss it down.  That’s exactly what he said.  Are you sure?, I asked.  Yes, I can catch it easily, he said.  Okay.  I moved over to where it was and tossed it down.  Dad was looking off to the side so I decided to let him know I tossed his hammer.  Here it comes, I yelled.  Dad turned and looked up.  Thwock!  That’s what it sounded like as it hit his head.  Dad staggered a bit then sat down on the floor again.

Figured I should check on him.  See, you should have a hard hat, I said.  I should be alone, he said.  Can you imagine what it would be like if I wasn’t here?, I asked.  Peaceful, was all he said.  Very odd.  When you sat down that time it shook the whole building, I said.  Ha, ha, said dad.  That did it.  I started laughing again.  Just couldn’t help it.  It’s the way dad said it.  Check my head, he said.  Full of sawdust, I said.  Ha, ha, said dad.  Then I realized what I said.  That got me laughing again.  I meant your hair, I managed to say at last.  Your head is as good as mine, I said.  The look on dad’s face as he said, that bad?!  Then he started with his hysterical laughing.

winter blue jay
Poor Baxter, not looking happy in the snow.

Just doesn’t seem to be your day, I said.  Never is when you’re around, he said.  But what if you really hurt yourself?, I asked.  How could I if you’re not here?, he asked.  Not sure what he meant by that.  Oh my, this is getting long and I’m not even finished yet.  Guess there will be a second part.  I hope you liked this first part, enjoy your day and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.


10 Comments on “Adventures With Dad, The Cottage.

  1. Lol Steve😂😂😂 “Never is when you are around” 😂😂 Poor him, i would say that too 😉😁 Enjoyed this one 🤗✍️ Have a beautiful day and philosophy day 😉🤗✍️

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