Daily Pics #8.

Good morning everyone!  So nice to see you all again today!  Another dull cloudy day here, and cool, but not real cold though.  But the sun still shines above those clouds.  And it shines here at Steve’s Country as well.  Why let a few clouds get us down?  We need to remember it’s only temporary and soon that bright sunshine will be back once again.  For us in winter clouds help to keep the temp from getting too cold.  When the sun shines the temp drops dramatically.  But whether sun or cloud, we should keep a smile with us throughout the day.  Anyway, off to the pics of the day…IMG_5093

Our first flower is a lovely pink hollyhock, my landlord has them in several different colors in her garden.  The plants will grow over 8 feet ( 2.5 meters) tall.IMG_4722

And here we have the creeping bellflower, the color is a bit lighter than the garden variety that we saw the first time.  This is the third variety now, one more to go.

I hope you all have a terrific Tuesday and God bless!

Steve and Muffin.

© 2019 Steve McLeod.

26 Comments on “Daily Pics #8.

  1. Hi Steve, Look at the pink hollyhock😍 The colors merge from the center looks beautiful✨👌 And.. this time the bell pepper is clear, looks like they didnt drunk this time 😜☺️ Have a beautiful day… Happy Mens Day✨🤗✍️

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    • Thanks for taking a look Simon! Yep, these ones are real bells, well, the other ones are too, they’re just upside down. Sometimes I think I’m upside down too,🤪😜 and I don’t drink. Happy Mens Day Simon.😀😀 I really do need a better calendar.😂😂😹😹

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    • Thanks for stopping by Renee and for your nice comment!! We are having our snuggle time on the chair,😁😻 though I think she might be trying to push me off the chair!😂😹 Have a wonderful day Renee!😁😸☕

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  2. The bluebells are so beautiful ! A lovely shade of blue ! So it is men’s day today…never heard of it ! When was it started ?

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